Download iMessage On Windows & PC [2 Methods]

iMessage On PC / Download iMessage for Windows PC:

In this smart generation, there are several ways to communicate. Getting in touch with Facebook, Instagram, Whats app, we chat and so many. Most of all, the one which is trending nowadays is iMessage. An iMessage is a wonderful SMS, MMS and chatting application that enjoys great following around the globe.

iMessage impresses every apple and non-apple users too. Everyone loves iMessage and no one can say no to it. Although many of the non-apple users are dreaming of iMessage. But the real problem arises because nobody knows how to download it. The iMessage on PC, iMessage on windows is not a dream now. Finally, the wait is over. But wondering how to get the same on Windows PC? Absolutely, no issues. We are here to help you out. Here we are going to discuss how to get iMessage on windows PC. Later, we are going to discuss the different methods to get iMessage on PC/ iMessage on windows.

About iMessage:

Apple has created an instant messaging app, iMessage for its iOS and Mac users. It is a revolutionary invention in this generation. In addition, using iMessage one can send texts, contacts, files, documents, photos, videos and many other. In addition, it will work just like normal messages without having any additional charges. But it works using the internet from Wi-Fi or cellular data and it is available only on Apple devices. In addition, they appear with blue text bubble as background. While the normal text messages appear with the green bubble as background. And in the normal text messages entry field, it appears as “text message” whereas in iMessage it appears as “iMessage”.

Features of iMessage:

Here is the list of reasons or features as of why you need this app on your device. The iMessage is one of the most preferred apps and stands out from the rest with its stunning features. Take a look here:

  1. The app helps you to send messages at a much cheaper price than the SMS type. This is because it allows the user to send messages at the data cost.
  2. The user doesn’t need to download any third party apps for texting purpose.
  3. It also serves the user with delivery reports and other key information
  4. The app is too quick on the work
  5. It comes with a pre-installed one on many iOS devices. So, you don’t have to bother.
  6. It is super easy to download and navigate.

Download iMessage On Windows & PC

Download iMessage On Windows & PC

Download iMessage On Windows & PC

Methods to get iMessage on PC :

There are so many apps to communicate but nothing will withstand the creativity of apple. Until now there might be a minor backdrop of not working on any other device except apple. Because whenever you forgot or left your device at home and went to the office you cannot send iMessage. Finally, there is good news for everyone because iMessage is now available on Windows PC. There are three methods to get iMessage on your PC.

1. Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Creating iMessage by the use of chrome remote desktop is a good way to get iMessage for Windows PC. This method is quite annoying because we have to follow a lot of procedure. And this method actually suggests you have an iMac or Mac Book or iOS device.

The Mac should have iMessage installed on the PC. In addition, Mac should have an active internet connection.

Follow the below steps to get iMessage for Windows PC:

  • First of all, you have to download the Google Chrome Browser on both PC and the Mac
  • In the Chrome Extension Store, search for the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension and install it
  • After the installation, click on the ‘Launch App’ button displaying on the top right
  • Now download separately Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on the Mac
  • After the completion of the download, install it
  • Launch the Chrome Remote Desktop on the Mac and follow the instructions. On the screen, a 12 digit code will be appearing
  • Enter the 12 digit code for Mac on Windows PC
  • Connect the systems with the code and can enjoy iMessage on Windows PC

2. Using iPadian emulator

An Emulator is a software to make a system behave like another system. An iPadian is one of such emulators for emulating iOS on a Windows PC. By installing an iPadian emulator on your Windows PC, you can get access to everything from your iOS system.

Follow the below steps to get iMessage on your Windows PC:

  • Download the iPadian emulator on your Windows PC
  • After the completion of the download, install the file with the .exe extension
  • Run the iPadian
  • Sign in with the Apple login credentials. And if you don’t have an Apple account, create a new one and sign in
  • Search for Apple Messenger App in the search bar and download it
  • Now you can start using iMessage on your Windows PC

 3. Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator. Bluestacks is also a great platform for so many sources who don’t possess the apps to their requirement. By installing it, you can get access to iMessage and much more on your Windows PC.

Follow the steps to get  iMessage on Windows PC using Bluestacks :

  • Download the Bluestacks on your Windows PC
  • After the completion of the download, install the Bluestacks
  • After the installation, search for the iMessage in the search bar
  • Install it and start using the iMessage on Windows PC


With the help of above-mentioned methods, you can download the much-used app – iMessage for Windows and PC. All you need to do is to just read the instructions and follow them. Happy texting! What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and comment your views below.

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