Download Snapseed For PC – Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP

Snapseed for PC / Snapseed for Windows: Some paint, some write, while some click to record our precious moments so that we can live them again and again. Among all of these, we like clicking images as it reflects the liveliness of the incident and freshens our memories. Photography tends to make those moments timeless. In this social media generation, where we all like to share our pictures and stories up to date, we need our clicks to look more attractive and engaging to the eyes of the public.

There are plenty of applications available to do this job, but I prefer Snapseed among them. It helps us to edit and post the pictures within a few taps and change the entire perception of the photo as we desire. But many of us will be facing the problem as it is not so convenient to use Snapseed on mobile always. I have come with a solution to remove all your worries and make your editing experience more interesting, by providing you with the simple methods to install Snapseed on your desktop (Windows & Mac) without any hurdles. We will also give the necessary instructions and other necessary features of the application.

To be clear, the Snapseed app is one of the most used applications nowadays by countless people. We say Snapseed is a perfect tool to edit your images and makes them social media ready.  This app allows the user to customize the images according to your taste. Check below for Snapseed PC and Snapseed windows

Download Snapseed For PC – Windows 10/8/7/XP

snapseed for pc

Snapseed for pc

Features Of Snapseed:

Here is the list of features of Snapseed which help you to understand the app better so that you can make use of it even better.

  1. Snapseed comes with possible features to edit the pictures.
  2. It is fun to use and easy to understand
  3. The app helps the user to adjust the pictures in a proper way
  4. Snapseed also offers nearly 13 filters to edit the images
  5. The user can also change the focus of the object or subject in the picture
  6. The app also helps the user to enlarge the images
  7. Also, Snapseed allows the user to tune the viewing angles of the photograph
  8. The app also offers picture borders
  9. All the major social media giants including Facebook, Google + and others are available for the sharing
  10. The user can also improve or decrease the brightness of the picture
  11. Spot repair is another added advantage of the Snapseed
  12. The user can avail the best possible specifications on Snapseed

How To Download Snapseed For PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) Desktop

Here is a detailed guide to help you download  Snapseed For Windows 7 / 8 / XP systems. Read the step by step procedure here :

  1. As it is a smartphone application, you will need an emulator to run this app on your device. An emulator is nothing but a software that helps you to run the app on your computer.
  2. Here we prefer emulator – Bluestacks
  3. Just download the Bluestacks and install it
  4. Then launch the same
  5. Now, in the search section, type Snapseed
  6. From the results of the search, pick the Snapseed
  7. Download the Snapseed with the help of Bluestacks
  8. Now, install the same and start using it

Snapseed For Windows PC 

With its extraordinary features and specifications, Snapseed PC stands out from the rest of such editing tools in the market. Above all, it is easily available. Snapseed windows are super easy to use. In other words, it created a new trend in the field of editing images. Another interesting aspect of this editing tool is that it allows the user to remove or delete a few parts that are hidden. Also, downloading and installing the same is super easy on the Windows 7 / 8 / XP systems. Just install it and edit your images in a beautiful way.

How to use Snapseed:

Once you open the app, you will be asked to choose the image to edit on the home screen. You can select the image from multiple options such as camera roll or take the snap instantly. Once you have selected the image, you can see the options around the corner. On the top left corner, you can see the “Open” option where you can open a new photo to edit. In the bottom, you can see various filters which you can use to edit your photo. Next, to the filters option, there’s another option called tools. If you click on that, a new popup rises with various tools on the screen.

Tools in Snapseed

  • The tune image option, Helps us to change brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, highlights, shadows and warmth of the selected image.
  • With the details option, you can change the structure and sharpening of the image.
  • You can edit the image using the graph curve option.
  • With the white balance option, you can change the temperature and tint of the image,
  • You can also crop the selected image with the crop option.
  • With the rotate option, you can rotate the selected image.
  • You can tilt or scale the image the way you want with the help of the perspective tool,
  • With the brush tool, you can brush the particular areas of the photo.
  • Using healing option, you can erase any section of the image easily.
  • With the HDR scape, your photo will be edited automatically. There are two options in this tool. If the photo is of nature, then this tool edits in a different way and if the photo is of human, then the edit will be in a different way.
  • Using the glamour glow tool, you can enhance the beauty of the image.
  • With the total contrast tool, you can change the high tones, mid-tones, low tones, shadows and highlights of the photo.
  • With the drama tool, you can apply different filters which will add more dramatic effects to your photo.
  • The Vintage tool: you can edit your image into the vintage photo. This is the feature I personally like a lot.
  • With the grainy film tool, you can edit the grain and style strength of the photo.
  • There’s a tool called black and white where you can change your photo into black and white one. This tool comes handy when you want your photos to stand out from the rest of the photos.
  • With the portrait tool, you can add multiple filters which will make your portrait photo even better.
  • The blur tool:  you can blur the background of the person or the object.
  • Text tool: you can add text to your images. There are various cool fonts which you can use.
  • With the frames tool, you can add various frames to your image which makes the photos uber cool.

Finally, when you are done with editing the photos, click on the export button which is at the bottom of the screen and save your edit.

Apps like Snapseed / Alternatives to Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps in the play store. This app is available for iOS and Android users. It was rated as one of the best 100 apps in the play store by PC Magazine.

Here are top alternatives for Snapseed in the play store:


With this app, there’s a camera with customizable settings such as exposure, focus, aperture. You can actually take a brilliant photo before editing it with the app. In the editing section, there are a lot more tools than one can expect. If you want to take a photo, you can simply tap any part of the screen. That will make things easy to capture. This app is worth the try and not a bad alternative for Snapseed.


This app is a photo sharing platform with a huge number of users. There are some amazing filters which change your photo in a more fantastic way. There are numerous editing tools in this app such as brightness, temperature, exposure, and saturation. The only disadvantage of this app is that the photos taken in this app will be in the square format and even the uploaded photos will be in square format. Definitely, one of the top app and you must try it once.

Camera ZOOM FX Premium:

This is a premium app which will cost $3. This app is a mixture of DSLR and phone camera app features. You can adjust and control ISO, white balance, exposure, contrast, night shooting and many more things. There’s a special feature in this app called stable-shot mode. This feature will allow you to click the photo only when the image is still. It helps a lot to eliminate the blur photos. Only let down by this app makers is this app doesn’t have the HDR mode or panoramic shots which people actually love to click.


Smartphones with Camera2 API support is compatible with this app. This app offers you full control of ISO, Shutter speed and brightness. One can even control all these things during the video mode. You can shoot or record in any aspect ratios such as 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1. Can even use the customized aspect ratios according to your needs. This app will let you shoot images in different formats such as RAW, RAW + JPEG and JPEG formats. The only con to this app is this app works on smartphones which have the Android OS on version 5.1 or higher.


This is a paid app. It Costs $2.99. The macro mode in this app will let you capture focused objects. Hence, You can also manually adjust the settings such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed which will help you to completely take over the camera. One unique feature this app offers is you can save the photos in a lossless format. Or else if you want to save in higher resolutions such as JPEG or PNG formats, you can do that too.

When it comes to disadvantages, this app can’t recognize the faces. There is no video recording mode in this app. Also, if you are the lover of the Panorama feature, don’t use this app.


These are the complete benefits and other essential details regarding Snapseed. Also, we have provided the easiest ways to install it on a desktop or laptop for your comfort. If you have any further doubts, do comment below.


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