Best Video Chatting Apps For Android And iPhone

The evolution of smartphones and their applications improved the lifestyle of the people to great heights around the world. Earlier, texting and voice calls were incredible developments for smartphone as one can avail it for free but now, the feature – video chatting made lot of difference.

Best Video Chatting Apps For Android And iPhone

Video Chatting Apps For Android And iPhone

Video Chatting Apps For Android And iPhone

The video chatting apps enable the user to communicate with their loved ones including family members and friends through video calls. Also, this feature is widely used in business models for communication.

With these video calling apps, other kinds of technology – emails, texts, voice calls and others were kept aside by the millions of users of smartphone. In other words, one can say that development of video chatting apps deserve a mention in this decade. Also, within short of span of hitting the market, the video calling apps carved an incredible identity in the field of technology and millions of people across the globe are using it.

Earlier, the feature – Skype was used by countless people for the same purpose with the help of webcam on their computers or laptops. But now, these video calling apps for both Android and iPhone are painting the world with their stunning features, functionalities and specifications. All thanks to the developers.

Before we begin the article, that helps you to pick the perfect video chatting app, let us what exactly a video chatting app is. Well, a video chatting app is the popular application for smartphones as it enables the user to communicate with other people through video that is nothing but direct communication. The user can communicate with others by a video call with the help of camera in the front face of the device. Today, millions are making use of this app and enjoying the new phase of communication. This article is about various kinds of video chat app that are available in the market. Read on.

Video Chatting Apps For Android / Video calling Apps for iPhone

Google Duo :

The Google Duo is one of the best video call feature app and is available for free. All you need to do is to just log in, verify your number and then you are ready to use it. Just like a normal call, make a video call to your loved ones including family members and friends. Also, another feature – Knock Knock allows the user to see what some one is up to before you answer the video call. It is easy to easy and also the Google Duo is a cross-platform one.

Facebook Messenger :

The Facebook Messenger is the most popular one and also it needs no introduction. With the popularity of Facebook, the Facebook Messenger also garnered enough attention by the

people. Also, the video chatting app managed to impress the people around the world. The Facebook Messenger is totally free to use. You can try it.

Skype :

With its features and specifications, the much used video chatting app – Skype managed to grab the attention. In fact, it is the most popular video calls app and also it is a cross platform one. It is absolutely free to use. Also, you can make the group video calls with up to 25 people. The app also offers Microsoft and Facebook account integration, text option and many more.

Google Hangouts :

The Google Hangouts is another advanced smart choice for making video calls. Here, you can do video chatting by just inviting the people with email (Gmail). Also, the users can make video chat with nearly ten people at one time. The interested can download the Google Hangouts for free and make video chatting.

FaceTime :

The FaceTime is another best video chatting app that is currently available in the market. It is a user friendly app and is easy to use. With FaceTime, you can make video conference call with group of friends and family. Note that it is a pre-installed app for iPhone users. Also, you can download it free. The best feature of the FaceTime is its UI Design. Get facetime for windows 10

Viber :

The Viber is yet another best and popular video chat app. It is available for free and one can download it and use it easily. The user can make free calls with H quality. Also, you can make a call with group of people with up to 100 members. The app offers emoticons, voice messages, photo sharing, video messages, locations and stickers. Note that if even Viber is in Off mode, the user can get the Push notifications so that you will never a call or a message. It comes with the support for Viber Desktop application on both Mac and Windows.

Line :

Ever heard of Line ? Well, we are sure that you would have because it is the most popular and much used video chat app. The app enjoys nearly 380 million users in the world. Also, it is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. You can make video calls with the help of 3G and wi-fi networks. The app allows the user to use text, pics, stickers, location and much more stuff.

Tango :

The Tango is ranked the best in the list of video  apps. The Tango supports high quality video and phone calls for free. With the Tango video chatting app on your device, you can also make use of photo sharing, text and video sharing. It helps you to use fun animations and other interesting stuff during communication. The Tango is available for iOS, Windows and Android platforms. You can also share songs, edit pictures and then share them.

ooVoo :

 The ooVoo helps the user to get many advanced and smart features. It is available for free on Android and iOS platforms. The user can communicate with a group of people up to 12. The user can send photos, videos during video call, text and GIFs. Give a try.

Camfrog :

The Camfrog allows the user to make a video chat with the people in Camfrog community. It is available for desktop, iOS and Android platforms. All the users can avail its services for free.

Conclusion :

We say that video chatting app is a blessing for modern day as it helps to connect the people face to face. Though, there are several such apps in the market, the above mentioned video calling apps enjoy good following in the market.

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