Top 10 *Best Music Players apps For Android Devices

Best Music Player apps For Android : Nowadays music is everything and everywhere. With the evolution of technology and smartphones, one can listen to their favourite music at every nook and corner of the planet. Also, there are ample of options available for the same in the digital market. And, for choosing the best music player on android device, just go through this article as we have summed up the top choices of music players for android. For all your music needs, check the below list

Best Music Players apps For Android Devices

Best music players for Android

Best music players for Android

Media Monkey :

With its stunning features and offers, Media Monkey managed to bag a top spot in the list of best music players. Its features include podcasts, audio books and others. It comes with an equaliser and also has the ability to sort songs. The user can sync your music library from your computer to your mobile phone. Its interface helps you to pick this one for sure.

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Google Play Music :

The Google Play Music is a music player that is one of the most used ones in the market as it helps the user to add up to 50,000 songs from other programs. And in case, if you subscribe, you will get the entire Google Play catalogue along with the YouTube Red.

BlackPlayer :

This music player is a favourite one for many people as it operates on a tab process and one can customize the tabs to use only the ones that you actually prefer. It comes with an equaliser, I3 tag editor, themes, no ads and widgets. We suggest you to try it.

Poweramp Music Player :

This app is one of the most popular music players as it offers stunning and enhanced features to its users. The Poweramp Music Player supports all the different playlist formats and music formats. It comes with a mono mixing, balance, 10-band optimised graphical equaliser, Bass and Treble adjustments and many others.

Pi Music Player :

The Pi Music Player offers incredible features like 10 amazing presets, virtualizer, 3D reverb effects, a built-in 5 Band equalizer with bass boost and several others. It also comes with various themes, gesture support, enhanced folder view, sleep times and the ability to edit metadata.

Phonograph Music Player :

This app is the best and widely preferred one due to its interface and easy navigation. It features a Material Design interface. It comes with a home screen widget, playlist features, a tag editor and other stunning features. We strongly recommend this app for the music lovers.

Pulsar Music Player :

The Pulsar Music Player attracted several users with its easy navigation and advanced features. It comes with a built-in tag editor, embedded lyrics, fast search, sleep timer, gapless playback and others. The app features a Material Design UI language.  The Pulsar Music Player is totally free and functions perfectly.

Stellio Music Player :

The Stellio Music Player is packed with tons of great features like gapless playback, tag editing, scrobbling, crossfade and other stuff. The app also supports lossless rare formats apart from the standard audio formats. It features 12-band equalizer and 1 audio effects including Balance, Reverb, Volume Amp and more.

Shuttle Music Player :

This is one of the most popular music players and also offers great and enhanced features. It comes with a Material Design and its interface is an added advantage. It supports gapless playback, sleep timer, built-in 6-band equalizer, embedded lyrics and many more.

Neutron Music Player :

The much used app offers varied features. The Neutron Music Player features a 32 / 64 bit audio rendering engine. Also, it comes with the support for unique file types and a built-in equalizer.

Conclusion :

The music players add strength to your device and also rock your world with their advanced features and specifications. All the above listed music players are ranked top in the market and can also be easily availed. Just pick the suitable music player for your android device and turn up the volume and energy as well.

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