How To View Instagram Private Profile: 3 Easy ways to Access

View Instagram Private Profile :Nowadays, Instagram has become a prime source of entertainment for millions of people. This is a photo blogging site that helps the user to upload pictures. It allows the user to caption the photographs. Like any other social media platform, it also allows the user to tag other people. To be candid, this social media handle won many hearts and also enjoys immense following.

Above all, the user can avail another interesting feature. And it is nothing but a ‘Private’ option. The user can choose to put his / her account in ‘Private’ mode for security reasons.

In case if you want to Access Instagram private Profile,  then you should read this article.

How To View Instagram Private Profile

How To View Instagram Private Profile

How To View Instagram Private Profile

Procedure To View Private Profile On Instagram: One can view the private Instagram handle with the help of three ways that are listed below. Read on :

Create A Fake ID :

  • Viewing a private account with the help of a fake ID is a good option. Just follow the procedure here :
  • Create a fake profile on Instagram with a girl’s picture as DP. We say, it is always a best way to view a private account of a female. In many cases, men don’t keep their accounts in private mode.
  • Now, in order to gain the trust of the person, upload real pictures and an interesting bio.
  • Also, you can put the account in private mode.
  • Then, send a request at good timing
  • In case, if you don’t get a response, then send a private message.
  • We say, it is the tactic way to gain trust and then take a sneak peek into their private profile.

Access private Instagram account/photos : 2nd Method

Ask The Person Directly:

  • It is the best way to follow a private account on the Instagram. All you need to do is just follow the instructions.
  • Just send a follower request to the person, who is holding the account in Private mode.
  • Also, you can send a private message and express your strong wish to follow her / his private account. Only thing is that just make sure that your account is decent enough.
  • If the other person likes your message and account, they might accept your request.

Private Instagram viewer tools

Try Instagram Profile Viewer Tools:

  • We say that this is the last and only left option for you to view a private Instagram account. But it also a risky option. You can do it at your own risk and also there are several online tools for the same.
  • Visit the online Instagram profile viewer apps :,

  • Now, you will be asked to give your Instagram username
  • Then, select your choice whether you want to download the pictures or view.
  • Now, this is a risky step as it will ask you give some personal information
  • After completing these steps, it will direct you to the private account that you want to view or download
  • Remember, these sites and apps are not for downloading. You need to go online and then view the content of your choice.

All we say is – just pick the rightful option to view private Instagram. Just read and follow the instructions as per your risk.

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