Top 10 Best Web Browsers for Windows PC

Web Browsers: A web browser is often referred as the browser and is a great improvement in the field of technology. To be crystal clear, the Internet browser is a software application that is used for presenting, retrieving and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. So, we have presented this write up that presents you the best web browser of 2017, their features, functionalities and specifications.

Every now and then, several web browsers surface in the technical field but we say it is important to choose the perfect one that fulfills your need. All you need to do is to make sure that you pick a good web browser that offers good and unique features for the user. It is important to remember that even though there are countless applications that are serving millions of smartphone users, the web browsers stand out from such apps because of their stunning functionalities.

Web Browser is one of the most instrumental tools on computers and laptops. Everyone uses the Internet browser for better functioning of the device, because a web browser is one of the central or key segments that manage the performance of the device and work.

All we say is that you need a best web browser to achieve good results. So, today, we have come up with this article to brief you about the top 10 best web browsers of 2017 for windows along with their features and specifications. Read on.

Best Web Browsers for Windows PC

Best Web Browsers for Windows PC

Best Web Browsers for Windows PC

Here is the list of the best web browsers for windows pc along with their features and specifications. Check out here :

Google Chrome :

With the evolution of technology, the Google has come up with this Chrome that is one of the most efficient browsers around the world. It is a cross-platform one and also a stable one.  Note that the Google Chrome enjoys a good fame and millions of people use this platform across the globe. It is preferred for its wide range of features and also it comes with a good range of tweaks and settings. Also, it offers several installed extensions and great support for parent controls. 

Microsoft Edge :

The name itself tells you about the developing details of the same. According to the company, the Microsoft Edge represents a user-friendly platform. It comes with a good interface and also provides good security system. The Microsoft Edge aces the JavaScript benchmarks. It also supports the extensions and also functions with great speed. We say, it is getting better and safer.

Mozilla Firefox :

The Mozilla Firefox is yet another browser that is preferred by millions of people in the world. It is very secured one and offers great customizability. Also, the Mozilla Firefox is super quick in nature. The platform comes with many advanced and smart features.

Opera :

The opera manages to get a spot in the list of the best web browser of 2017. With its features and specifications, this web browser enjoys immense following. It comes with a battery saver, free VPN and built-in ad blocker. We say, it is worth giving a try.

Vivaldi :

Created by former CEO and cofounder of Opera Software Jon Von Tetzchner, the Vivaldi comes with stunning features and functionalities. It functions at good pace and is also fun to use. Note that it lacks certain features.

Internet Explorer :

The Internet Explorer is no new to the technology lovers as it is a very familiar one and also an oldest web browser. It manages to stand out from the rest of the web browsers with its speed and downloading processes. Several people around the world prefer this platform for its advanced versions.

Safari :

 The Safari is one of the best and top web browsers of 2017 as is designed specially for MAC but also it is available for Windows Operating System. It functions at a very good pace and also the loading time is too low. Remember, that Safari is very selective in terms of extensions.

Torch :

The Torch gives immense pleasure and incredible experience to the users. It is fast in nature and comes with several sharing and downloading capabilities. The browser includes torrents, sharing, social media and media downloading features. The Torch gives countless benefits to the user including integrated player.

UC Browser :

With low data consumption, the UC Browser helps the user to enjoy good browsing experience. Also, it offers new security feature that blocks the potential sources of malware and viruses. This is an added advantage of the web browser – UC Browser. It also comes with an in-built ad block feature and provides a great video streaming and download experience.

Tor Browser :

The Tor Browser is one of the top and much used browsers in the market. This web browser comes with several advanced features and specifications. The Tor browser offers a very good package of tools to the user.

Conclusion :

The web browser is one of the key tools of the computer or laptop. It helps the user to gain good browsing experience with advanced features. It will be a difficult task to pick the perfect and the best web browser and we totally get it. So, read the top 10 best web browsers of 2017 and pick one. Happy Browsing !

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