Tips To Increase Battery Life For Smartphones


Increase Battery Life For Smartphones:

Battery life is something that everyone looks out for while purchasing a new smartphone. It is no secret that we all manage our best to save the battery on our mobile phones. As the battery life of a device helps you to get access to your phone for a longer time than imagined. That would remove additional hindrances in your work and entertainment.

In this article, techphiz presents you the tips or tricks to increase the battery life for smartphones. Keep reading to discover much more.

Tips To Increase Battery Life For Smartphones :

Tips To Increase Battery Life For Smartphones

Tips To Increase Battery Life For Smartphones

If you are a smartphone addict or the one who needs to use the mobile for long hours, then you will relate to the issue of saving the battery life of your smartphone. And in order to ease your job, we have come up with these tips and tricks to enhance or increase the battery life for smartphones. Check out below.

Turn Off Vibration :

If you want to save the battery life of your smartphone, then you should turn off the vibration on your device. This vibration mode drains the battery. Switching off the vibration mode will improve the battery life as every time it need not use that additional energy to notify you.

Automate The Device :

Automating the device is one of the best choices you will ever make to save your battery life. Just follow this tip and thank us later.

Keep An Eye On Push Notifications :

Note that the Push notifications suck a lot from the battery life. They are not even considered important, so it is always an opt solution to shut down all the push notifications.

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Opt For A Black Wallpaper :

We suggest you choose a dark or black wallpaper as this helps you to reduce the consumption of the battery. Also, try your best to use the dark themes on apps also if possible. This is because if the phone uses an AMOLED display, it consumes a little bit of power, every time it lights up. So, set up a dark wallpaper.

Also, try avoiding those 3D wallpapers or live wallpapers as much as possible. There isn’t much fun you can acquire through them and it, in turn, consume your battery life.

Use Airplane Mode :

The battery will be strained if your device always tries to connect to a cellular network whenever possible, so set it up to Airplane Mode. This can be done through reaching the settings or there will be a shortcut in your Android phone. But do remember to turn it on, otherwise, you would miss all those important calls and notifications in an attempt to save the battery.

Lower The Brightness :

By lowering the brightness on your smartphone, you save your device from straining your battery life. It is simple to understand – the more brightness the more battery. Also, it adds safety to your eyes.

Switch Off Wi-Fi Mode / Mobile Data :

If you want to reduce the consumption of the battery on your device, then you should switch off the wifi mode & Mobile Data when you are not actually using the Internet. This helps you a lot in saving the battery as it stops your device from looking out for networks and stop all that background working applications that cannot run without data.

Remove On-Screen Widgets :

These days, smartphones – Android devices, in particular, are all about the widgets as they offer a good deal of information. And also, they eat a lot of your battery. So it is good to remove the widgets that are placed to offer information not required regularly.

Turn Off Auto-Sync :

We say, it is good and also smart choice to turn off the auto-sync as the applications – Gmail, Twitter and many others offer the latest information every now and then. And also they consume a lot of power. So, just turn off the auto-sync for apps that you don’t need constant updates.

Go For Greenify :

The application – Greenify is free for use and also increases the battery life as it allows the user to put other apps into hibernations when they aren’t in use. In other words, the Greenify boosts the battery performance and we are sure that it is helpful to save battery.

Conclusion :

Save the battery life is very important for the better performance of a smartphone and for its long term durability. All we say is just adopt the above mentioned 10 best tips or tricks to enhance or boost the battery life of a device and do come back to our site to find more interesting things like this.

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