Tez latest Update: Now Chat With Your Friends on Google Tez App

Tez update: Introduction:

Hello guys! We know how “Google Pay” or “Tez” is gaining immense popularity nowadays. It is solely because of the extravagant features and the immediate cashback benefits. But the Tez hasn’t stopped here and pushed one step further by bringing you an interesting update. There is a piece of good news for all the Tez app users. Google has added a chat feature on Tez. Isn’t it really amazing and interesting? Yeah, it is true and everyone will accept because we can do money management and chat on the same platform.

Tez update: Now Chat With Your Friends on Google Tez App

Google Tez Now Chat With Your Friends

Google Tez Now Chat With Your Friends

First of all, Tez became people’s favourite instantly when it was released. Because transferring of money would never be that much easy if Google has not introduced Tez. There are many platforms for transferring money, recharges, bill payments like Paytm, Ola, Freecharge and recently Whatsapp. But as of now, there is nothing like Tez and the latest Tez update is a boon. Since last few years, we are having all these social platforms and we have done many transactions. These all platforms are making us feel little unsatisfied due to the conditions, convenience fees, additional charges etc.

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As we all know, the decision which made the whole India shocking is demonetization. It has a great effect in every field because it made every Indians wallet light just because it made every Indian pocket empty(not literally). The main motto of this demonetization is to make the physical transactions of currency into digital. In order to make proper utilization of this situation, Google has launched Tez. Google knows the pulse of the people and catches it. To satisfy us, it has launched Tez, a revolutionary and most useful app.

In addition, we also know that popular apps like Whatsapp, Hike has also introduced payments option. In order to compete them, Google has launched a chat option in Tez update. Until now Tez has updated three times and every time it has added a new feature. In the first update, it has added rent with Tez option and provided a scratch card for it. Later it has added bill payments option. And of now it has added chatting which is the latest Tez update.

Tez update: Conclusion:

Hey, what are you waiting for, just go to App store or Play store and update your Tez? Enjoy chatting on Google Tez. Now, let us wait for the next Tez update and see what more surprises Google has planned for us. Also, let us know your doubts and opinions by commenting below.

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