Teamviewer Alternatives : 8 Best Remote Desktop Software

Teamviewer Alternative : We use computers almost every day. And, also they bring too much chaos at times and the proper way is to deal with them is in a technical manner. So, here is the Teamviewer that allows the user to have a connection to any PC or server within seconds. To be clear, the user can control the system as if it is right in front of them. Also, note that it enables the user to work in a hassle free work environment. Too good, we say !

Teamviewer Alternatives

Teamviewer alternative

Teamviewer alternative

Best Remote Desktop Software

Here is the list that briefs you about the 8 best and top Team viewer alternatives.  Read on :

Real VNC :

The Real VNC is one of the best alternatives for Teamviewer and is available for both free and paid versions. Built on VNC framework, this offers secure and reliable connections. Few of its features are VNC authentication, File transfer, chats, cross-platform remote control and many more. It supports major platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, UNIX and others.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection :

Built into the Microsoft Windows Operating System, the Windows Remote Desktop Connection enjoys good following and fame in the market. It is available for free and comes with advanced features. It is easy to use and a simple tool. Also, it comes with a built-in with your of your Windows OS. We say this helps the beginners a ton. It supports Windows and Mac OS X. The Windows Remote Desktop Connection also offers very fast and complete access control over a remote PC.

 Ultra VNC :

This is another major tool based on the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology. The Ultra VNC comes with advanced specifications and features as well. File transfers, complete remote access of desktop are the key features to name. Note that the user can completely work on another remote system after establishing the connection. It is available for free in market. It supports only Windows platform. Make sure you know about it before opting for this one.

Splashtop :

The Splashtop is another best alternative for the Teamviewer as it offers key features to the user. It is available for both free and paid versions. Another added advantage of the Splashtop is that it allows the user to enjoy the media with ease. The features include manage and also transfer of files, and also it streams audio and video mediums. Note that it is free for personal use up to 5 computers. It supports Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and OS X platforms. Give a try ! :

With, the user can avail super good working experience as it offers lots of features and specifications as well. Developed by LogMeIn, this is available for both free and paid versions. The features of include – recording, one click meeting scheduling, mobile apps, unlimited audio and the list goes on. It is good to remember that it is a great remote management tool that works super quickly.  It supports Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It is also a good platform for business models and individuals as well.

Chrome Remote Desktop :

The Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the much preferred alternatives of the Teamviewer. This is a free tool and offers features like – Google Chrome based remote desktop accessing and also the access to files and folders. Note that this is completely secured and gives the user a great experience. It supports Google Chrome browser. It is easy to work with and also one can set it up with much trouble.

Mikogo :

We say, the Mikogo is a fantastic tool that you need to try, if you are looking for a best alternative of Teamviewer. It works great for both individuals and business models. The stunning features of the Mikogo help it to stand out from the rest. Some of them include – free mobile apps, video conferencing, file transfer, chat, swap presenter etc.  It is a browser based one and also a paid version. It supports platforms like Linux, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Android mobile phones, PC and others.


LogMeIn Pro :

The LogMeIn is yet another platform and also the best remote desktop solutions for business models and individuals as well. The LogMeIn is the one of the best premium alternatives to Teamviewer. The features include – audio and video streaming, file transfer, prints documents and others. It offers full remote access to transfer files. Note that it can be availed for price. It supports both Windows and Mac OS X.


All the above mentioned remote desktop software enjoys good fame in the market. They also vary in terms of their features, price tags, specifications and uses. So make sure you know them well before trying.


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