How to Switch / Enable Night Mode Browsing in Chrome For PC And Android

Enable Chrome Night Mode For PC And Android Devices :Taking care of the eye sight is an important factor to deal when you are working constantly on the computers or laptops for long hours. And the one who prefers night hours for their work and other activities on the devices, can experience troubles with the eye sight. In such cases, you can make use of the – Night Mode page Dim extension.

How to Switch / Enable Night Mode Browsing in Chrome For PC And Android

Chrome night mode

Chrome night mode

Chrome Night Mode Page Dim Browser Extensions :

The Night Mode Page Dim Extensions help the user by protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the computers and laptops. This feature helps the user to change the color of the text and its background. All you need to do is to activate the same.

Night Mode Extension For Chrome :

In order to activate the – Night Moe Extension for Chrome, follow the below mentioned step by step procedure. Read on :

  1. At first, launch the Google Chrome
  2. Then, click on the ‘Menu’
  3. Now, launch ‘Tools’ > Go to ‘Extension’
  4. Then, search for the – ‘Night Mode Page Dim’ option
  5. Just click on it and then open its options
  6. Select ‘Turn Off light’ options by clicking on the checkbox next to it
  7. With this, the ‘Night Mode Page Dim’ will be activate
  8. In case, if you want to disable the same, just ‘Uncheck’ it
  9. Or else, the users can press Ctrl + Shift + F11 to toggle the option
  10. Remember that you have to activate the same on every page separately

Night Mode Eye Guard For Firefox :

Read the below mentioned instructions as how to activate the Night Mode Eye Guard for Firefox. Check out here :

  1. At first, launch the Mozilla Firefox
  2. Then click on the ‘Menu’
  3. And, launch ‘Tools’ > Select ‘Extensions’
  4. A list of applications will appear now
  5. Just search for the option – ‘Night Mode’ extension in the list
  6. An then click on it
  7. Now, go to ‘Options’ > Check ‘Turn Off light’ option
  8. You can disable it by ‘Uncheck’ the same
  9. You can even press Ctrl + F1 to toggle this option
  10. And that’s it.

Conclusion :

By picking the option – Night Mode Page Dim, one can protect their eyes from the sharp rays of the PCs or computers. Just follow the above mentioned instructions and activate the same for better health and hassle free work environment.

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