How To Run iOS Apps On Windows PC : Methods Explained

Run iOS Apps On Windows PC : 

Many think that running iOS apps on Windows PC or laptop is a herculean task. But in reality, it is not. And this is possible with the help of a simple tool called Emulator. The Emulator is nothing but a software that helps to run all types of apps. By using the emulator on your device, it helps the laptop or PC to work as an iOS platform. Note that there are different kinds of iOS emulators that are available for the Windows system in the market.

How To Run iOS Apps On Windows PC

Run iOS Apps On Windows PC

Run iOS Apps On Windows PC

How To Use :

In order to run iOS apps on the Windows platform, you will need an emulator. Here make use of iPadian. Download the iPadian on your Windows PC from its official website or from the most trusted site. Here you may need to install Windows .NET framework. Also, use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your device.

And after the process is completed, the iPadian will be launched automatically. Now, you can download apps of your choice after picking the App Store icon.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows :

Here is the list of the best emulators for Windows. Take a look :

iPadian :

The iPadian is one of the best and the much-used emulators for Windows PC. The iPadian emulator is available for both free and for the paid versions. With this paid software on the device, you can run iOS applications including Snapchat, WhatsApp and many more. Note that there are certain features you can avail in the paid one but you cannot use them in the free version. We say it is a great one. Try it.

Features :

  1. The iPadian comes at a low price.
  2. The user can use any app with the Apple App Store in the premium version
  3. The premium version is totally ad free
  4. It gives access to customised App Store in free version
  5. It is very user-friendly

Air iPhone :

With its advanced features, the Air iPhone emulator enjoys good following. It is one of the best emulators for Windows platform. The Air iPhone emulator helps the user to run the iOS apps on your Windows PC. You can get this one for free.

MobiOne Studio :

The MobiOne Studio is yet another iOS emulator that helps the user to run the iOS app on your Windows PC. Note that it will not allow the user to run the iOS apps, but he/she can run the Android apps on your PC. The MobiOne Studio is available in the paid version. This is officially discontinued now but the interested can install the same by downloading EXE file on your computer.

Appetize.lo :

The Appetize.lo is an emulator that is cloud-based emulator and the user cannot download it. You can avail for free for the first 100 minutes per month and then you have to pay for it.

Xamarin Testflight :

We say that the Xamarin Testflight is one of the best iOS based emulators for Windows platform. Note that it offers several stunning features to the user. Also, it is a paid emulator.

Conclusion :

These are the iOS emulators with which you can run all kinds of applications on your device without any hindrances.  All the above-mentioned iOS emulators are the best in the market. Just pick the right one for your system as per your requirements. Let us know your queries in the comment section below.


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