PSP Games Under 100MB

14 Best PSP Games Under 100MB Download (2022)

PSP Games Under 100MB – Download Top Best Ppsspp (PSP) games Sized under 100MB For Android, PC & iOS. Ppsspp games have been around for a very long time and still have something to offer to the gamers.

PSP is known as the PlayStation portable, this a handle portable game console while the PS know as PlayStation is connected to our television to play. Both gaming consoles are almost the same in terms of graphics and gameplay.

So today I’m going to list the best PSP games under 100MB, So do read all this article not to miss out on. These games will help you in terms of saving your mobile data plan, but not only that but your phone storage too.

These games I’m listing are worth playing on your mobile phone and these games are handpicked from different categories like action, racing, sports and lots more.

So not to talk much as I said earlier that these games are worth playing. So below I will list them out with a direct download link (no shortening link). And also put in mind that these games are having good gameplay and graphics, not that you see the games are less than 100MB you expect that you are going to see retro graphics looking.

List Of PSP Games Under 100MB With Direct Download Link

Below is the list of best PSP games under 100MB you can download on android. Choose any game you like to play and click on the download button below.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

PSP Games Under 100MB

God Of War: Chains of Olympus is one of the best PSP games you can play on your android.

This game is having an interesting story tell which make it one of the best all-time. I know you will be surprised to see God of War on the list of PSP Games under 100MB.

But you don’t have to be surprised. This game is compressed to a smaller size to just 80MB which makes it playable to almost everyone. Play once more with Kratos to defend the city from the army of Persian. Download below with one click.

   Download GOW Now

2. Spider-Man

PSP Games Under 100MB

Another best PSP game you should download and play is spiderman. If sure you watch the spiderman movie probably you will like to play the game. I know-how that spiderman plays its role is interesting. How do you see you flying all over the city, quite interesting right? other times you watch spiderman flying itself while this time you fly and control spiderman yourself.

Spiderman is an open-world game where you can fly around the city, with just 100MB of Data Plan and storage available of 100MB with extra space of 200MB on your device you can play spiderman. All you’ve to do is download the game with the button below and extract it that’s all and start playing.

   Download Spider-Man Now

3. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

PSP Games Under 100MB

One of the best and most popular adventure games for the PSP is Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. It is introduced in an ancient city in Cyprus and tells the tale of an assassin named Altar Ibn-La’Ahad as he tries to learn the Templars’ plans for the island. This game combines stealth gameplay with third-person shooting action.

Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines can be downloaded via the URL below; the game file is 50MB in size, but it will change back to that amount after being extracted. One of the best PSP games available, it is a very good 100MB game.

   Download Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

4. Coded Arms

PSP Games Under 100MB

Coded Arms is an action game where you can play with different kinds of modern guns and weapons to take down your enemies.

If you love playing action games then probably you should try this out. This game is based on science-fiction, which means you will find so many sciences fiction guns and weapons.

All missions in this game are not simply to complete which make it more interesting.

   Download Coded Arms Now

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

PSP Games Under 100MB

Pirates of the Caribbean is a single-player PSP game that can or sometimes be played in multiplayer mode over a local network. In this game, Jack Sparrow gets involved in some interesting pirate combat as he goes up against bandits and other sea lords.

Each of the game’s over than 11 various objectives is surround by a bloody battle. So be ready for some real actions. The game is only 80MB in size and can be downloaded in order to better serve you.

   Download Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

6. WWE 2K16

PSP Games Under 100MB

WWE 2k16 is a wrestling game that is worth adding to this list. Although WWE 2k16 will look older to you but still not old to leave around not playing. This game features a different game mode and good looking graphics to enjoy while playing.

WWE 2k16 Almost feature all players, you can choose to play with many players you like, you can choose players like John Cena, Triple H and lots more.

  Download WWE 2k16 Now

7. Moto GP

PSP Games Under 100MB

MotoGP is another interesting PSP game you can play with a size under 100MB. This is one of the best bike racing games on PSP, in the game you compete with other players and always what to focus on is finishing around the top. Although your racing depends on missions, In some missions you’re to test your ability to speed that’s the time trial, drifting and lots more missions. but in most cases, racing and finishing first is the goal.

What makes this game more interesting is its size, with all the above features I listed this game is under 100MB in size. Which you can download and play with no requiring of huge data plan or storage space on your device.

  Download Moto GP Now

8. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

PSP Games Under 100MB

Do you like playing fighting games? if yes then this is one of the best fighting games to play on a PSP emulator.

In this game, you’re to knock down the opponent to win to go for the next stage level. In this game, you’re to keep an eye on two things that are the time and your blood gauge. Because having less blood when time runs out gives an automatic win to your opponent.

This game is having a total sum of 38 characters which you can play as each character is having the special power to fight his opponent.

   Download SF Alpha 3 Max

9. Tekken 7

PSP Games Under 100MB

Tekken 7 is another best PSP fighting game just like ‘Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max’ I listed earlier. This game is having great looking graphics and modes that make it unique to what it serves the gamers.

Tekken 7 is a two-man (versus) fighting game in which you’ve to take down your opponent to go to the next level stage. This game is worth playing on your android phone for how the size is, Tekken 7 is sized below 100MB which is quite easy for you to download and play on almost most devices.

   Download Tekken 7 Now

10. The Godfather: Mob Wars

PSP Games Under 100MB

The Godfather: Mob Wars is another best PSP game sized less than 100MB. Godfather: Mob War stand to be an action game, in which, you’ll be using weapons to take down your enemies. There are so many features in this game that worth playing it. you’ll find a map around your screen that helps you to know activities that are going on around you, you’ll get to see when enemies are approaching you to get set.

You can download this game with a one-click button and save it directly to your phone or PC storage, Extract and play using the Ppsspp emulator app.

   Download TGF: Mob Wars Now

11. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

PSP Games Under 100MB

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is another best PSP game sized under 100MB. Need For Speed have been around from different chapters, but this time around is Need for Speed most wanted we are listing here. This game is a standard racing game that makes it stands unique it own. You ride around different cities and take down the top racers in different cities to be the new boss.

Challenge other Racers and take them down to win trophies and medals. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is compressed to under 100MB for an easier download. All that you need to do is copy the download link and paste it into your downloader and proceed to download, extract and then play.

   Download NFS: Most Wanted Now

12. FIFA 20

PSP Games Under 100MB

FIFA 20 is another interesting PSP game under 100MB in size. This is a football soccer game that is worth playing on your android phone. In this game, you’ll play many competitions of your choice, Tournaments like Champion league, Cup, League 1 League, Spanish League, Premier League and lots more.

FIFA 20 Features almost 2020 players and updates available in a soccer game. What this game cost is just you, your device and your data plan that’s all. This game is free to download for everyone from anywhere around the world. And the best part about this game is that it’s having good looking graphics and is gameplay friendly.

   Download FIFA 20 Now

13. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact

PSP Games Under 100MB

Naruto-themed video games have a lot of followers and have always been highly entertaining. There are 7 additional PPSSPP Naruto games available for download.

Additionally, PPSSPP allows you to play 10 Naruto PS2 ISO games on Android; if you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely like it.

   Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact

14. Sonic Rivals

PSP Games Under 100MB

Sonic Rivals is the final game on our list of PPSSPP games under 100MB. As you may know, Sonic can run so quickly that no one can catch him.

You can race against other Sonics to win the game in this type of racing game. As you race, you’ll notice that there are many coins to collect, and as you do, new game items will become available.

   Download Sonic Rivals

How To Download and Install PSP Games Under 100MB on Android

Here’s a complete guide that will help you to download and install PSP games you download under the category of PSP Games under 100MB. You’re just to follow every step accordingly below for a proper installation.

Step 1: Download any game of your choice from the above list, make sure the file is completed download.

Step 2: Extract the game file (in most cases PSP games do use to come with a .zip extension, which you need to extract to its proper file extension that’s .iso or .cso) any of this will work.

   Download Zarchiver Apk

Step 3: Extract the game file to your internal or external storage, PSP Folder > Game, then close it and locate the game with your Ppsspp emulator.

Step 4: And finally, enjoy your gaming moment.


Wow, finally we have come to the last section of this post. We have seen the best PSP games under 100MB you can play on your android phone and at the same time, we provide you with a simple guide on how to download and install the game with ease. This post will be updated from time to time, more games are to be added. You can bookmark this page for easy access to reach this list for an instant update reaching.

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