MTN CUG Plan 2023: Guide On How To Register & Migrate

This article explain how to activate the MTN CUG Plan, migrate with an old SIM line using a code, view your CUG balance, register for police CUG, and more.

The need for the quick application procedure for a new CUG sim is high. Many people wanted to switch from their current number to the MTN CUG plan.

That’s not the issue, though. It is not the same procedure to switch to any MTN tariff plan by dialing a short USSD code as it is to activate the CUG plan.

You must adhere to a procedure provided by MTN in order to get your SIM connected to CUG right now.

To find out more about the CUG plan on MTN, scroll down slowly.

About the MTN CUG Plan

Any team’s ability to communicate effectively is key to its success. Additionally, connectivity might be greatly limited if your phone credit runs out.

In your small, medium, or large business, MTN CUG is what you need for unlimited communication.

What Is CUG code?

An added feature provided by mobile operators to their subscribers called a closed user group (CUG) enables users to call and be called by any group members.

This feature is also available for SMS texts. Despite the fact that not everyone thinks of the MTN CUG plan’s code in the way they do,

Whether you’re in charge of a major corporation or a small business with ten (10) employees, MTN CUG may help you improve teamwork, interaction, and productivity.

Requirements For MTN CUG

The requirements to activate MTN CUG are shown below, along with some important information you should be aware of before proceeding:

  • After the first month, later payments are N800 per number, with a one-time activation fee of N500. The first subscription costs N900 per number.
  • It is possible to register two (2) or more numbers. However, additional numbers can later be registered.
  • Both individuals and businesses can use this chance to cut expenses. Yes, the mtn CUG plan code is really useful.

To conclude, you need the necessary information to activate CUG on MTN, and you will soon receive it.

MTN CUG Activation Code –Migration Code For MTN CUG

You’ll discover how to add Mtn CUG to an existing or new Mtn CUG line in this section.

The MTN Closed User Group (CUG) Service creates a community that gives your staff members unlimited free mobile calls.

Additionally, for a fixed monthly subscription, you can send an unlimited amount of free SMS messages to coworkers.

The migration to MTN Corporate CUG Service is an easy and straightforward process. For MTN CUG plan activation;

  • Contact your MTN account officer first (i.e if you have one). Afterward, discuss your wants with your account officer.
  • A short email can also be sent to

That is the effective MTN CUG migration code. Open your browser or email app, then type a brief message and send it to the above email address.

The Benefits Of MTN CUG Plan Code

The closed user group can be very profitable for businesses. Yes, it lowers their cost for airtime.

It makes complete sense to activate the MTN CUG plan because a small or medium business typically has 10 employees.

The following are some real advantages of switching to the MTN Close User Group package:

  • It has a web-based gateway that makes it simple to manage the network of exclusive user groups.
  • You can control how much money you spend on voice each month by activating on CUG.
  • You can send your employees free SMS messages using the mtn CUG ussd code, depending on your needs.
  • Customers can move without issue, both new and old. Thank you for using MTN CUG. Additionally, adding and removing numbers is simple.
  • From a variety of plans, you can select the one that best suits your needs and financial situation.
  • When you call numbers outside the group, the call rate is less expensive (11k/sec) (any network)
  • You may make voice calls more affordable rate with MTN CUG plans.
    All calls and SMS within the group are free (minimum of two numbers)
  • Using your current MTN line, you switch to CUG. This is where the mtn CUG ussd code comes into play.
  • There are no restrictions on employee communication, which improves business productivity and operational effectiveness.
  • The included fixed cost optimizes your budgeting process.

MTN CUG For Family

I discovered that a lot of people are looking for correct information regarding the MTN CUG for family members. This entails a low-cost bundle that makes it simple for close friends, coworkers, and employees to communicate.

It is possible. You may connect without any difficulty if you activate your MTN CUG SIM and add every member of your family to it.

By doing this, calls to relatives and friends will be less expensive than they would be otherwise.

The MTN CUG For Two Persons

To maximize value and save money on airtime, create a specific group of friends, family, or other people with whom you can interact for an unlimited number of free calls and SMS messages.

Apply for the MTN CUG for two people to start taking advantage of the benefits. Make sure you follow to the most recent instructions for activating the MTN CUG plan.

The plan, in fact, is made for a group of people. not simply for use for alone

Police CUG Registration – MTN Police CUG Package

Why should your team be concerned about running out of call credit when effective teamwork is essential for the success of your company?

Security officials can make advantage of the MTN CUG plan. A company’s security officers should be able to communicate while working in groups of more than ten (1). Without concern about a low airtime balance, yes.

Cug registration with MTN Police is easy. To activate CUG, follow to these steps:

  • To request your new CUG line, kindly send an email to

Once you receive a response, follow all the instructions provided, and you’re ready to go.

How To Check MTN CUG Balance

The usual way to check the balance on an MTN account is *556#. Yes, you will receive a prompt response from MTN after you dial the code.

On your screen, a popup typically appears with a breakdown of your available balance and the date on which any active offers on your SIM card expire.

Now, ask your MTN Account partner for assistance if you’re still confused how to check your MTN CUG balance. Call MTN customer service instead to talk with a person.

FAQs: MTN CUG Package

How do I switch to Mtn CUG?
Speak with your MTN Account Officer or send an email to the above-mentioned email address.

How do I activate on my MTN CUG line?
Ask the staff member at the MTN service center that is the closest to you for instructions on how to activate your CUG line.

What is MTN CUG stand for?
CUG stands for MTN Closed User Group. It makes it possible for workers at a company to make cheap calls and send an unlimited number of texts.

How can you transfer airtime using MTN CUG?
There is no way to transfer airtime using the MTN CUG code as of the time this post was published.

How do I activate MTN CUG?
Request the Closed User Group (CUG) package from MTN by sending an email to As soon as they receive your message, you will hear back.

What really is a CUG package?
You can benefit from lower call and text message prices in your small, medium, and big businesses with to CUG bundle.

With a one-time activation price of N500, monthly payments after the first month are N800 per number. Each number in the first membership costs N900.


Even while other networks might provide this service, you will probably need to get a specific SIM card in order to use it. In contrast, MTN lets you sign up for CUG using your current SIM card.

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