Complete Guide on “How To Make Money From YouTube”

Make Money From YouTube : With the evolution of technology, several platforms – online in particular, emerged across the globe and are helping the people to earn money. One among them is YouTube. Yes, you heard it right. The YouTube is one of the best and most popular networks in helping the creative people to make a living. Well, don’t stress much about it. We are here to help you out with this concept as how one can Earn money from YouTube.

Why You Should Opt YouTube For Making Money :

We say that the YouTube is the best platform to earn money when compared to other leading platforms. Here are the reasons to support the same. Read on :

  1. Start Earning from the first day itself. Just create a YouTube account and then upload a video and that’s it. Remember that your video should not violate YouTube or AdSense terms and conditions.
  2. The major advantage of the YouTube is that you don’t have to buy a domain or hosting package for the same.
  3. With zero investment, you can earn money.
  4. Only thing is that make sure that your video is interesting and this helps you to reach good audience.
  5. All you need to create a catchy video and then upload the same. This will be available and can be viewed by countless number of people on the same platform.
  6. You can also earn fame if your video is good enough to entertain the people.
  7. We say, the YouTube offers a ready-made platform for the creative people.
  8. Another interesting aspect is that the getting an AdSense approval is easy.
  9. Remember that this AdSense account will be ‘AdSense for content hosts’. This work differently than the traditional ads shown on blogs.
  10. The user can also add a website or blog to the account.

How To Make Money From YouTube :

earn money from youtube

earn money from youtube

This wonderful platform – YouTube is undeniably a favourite one for many as it serves as a prime source entertainment. We are sure that you will be interested more than before about YouTube now and of course, as how to make money out of it. Here is your guide for the same. Check out :

Create A YouTube Channel :

At first, create a YouTube channel. This is nothing but your YouTube account and is also same as the Google account. Remember that this will give the access to the Google Drive and Gmail.

Just create an Youtube account and then add keywords to help people find the same. Note that your keywords are relevant to the content on your channel. Make sure you name it properly as it helps the people to remember easily. You can also change the username by editing it on your account.

Upload Content :

We strongly recommend you to remember that Content is King. Make sure that your videos are interesting, high quality ones and crisp. And also upload the content very regularly. This helps you to build good audience and size of the audience. If possible make a schedule list and then follow it without fail.

Just try your best to improve your video standards with each new upload. Practice makes you to learn more and excel as well.

High quality content is very important so try to capture them with better equipment. And also edit them with care, good techniques and software tools.

Another major aspect is that you have to describe the content of your videos in a perfect way possible and also tag your videos with relevant keywords. This helps the people to catch your videos among the sea of other similar videos.

Build Audience :

Building audience is very important task of the guide as this helps you to make money. To be crystal clear, just make people watch your videos with ads and then earn money out of it. We say, you have to create the best content in order to grab the attention of the audience.

Upload the video content as much as regularly possible and engage the audience. You can also share the videos on social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

Also, interaction with the people, who comment and respond to your videos, helps you to earn audience.

Monetize Your Videos :

Monetizing is yet another important thing to do. This is nothing but you are allowing the YouTube to place ads in your videos. Also, it means that you are acknowledging that there is no copyrighted content in your videos.

  1. Go to –
  2. Click – ‘My Channel’
  3. Then click channel and then Enable – Monetisation
  4. And you have successfully monetised your videos

Total Views To Earn Money :

We say, try to get at least ten thousand total number of views to start earning money. You can monetise a video by selecting – Monetisation tab and then checking the – ‘Monetise with Ads’ box.

Also, you can monetise a video after uploading by opening your Video manager and clicking ‘$’ sign next to the video that you want to monetise.

Set Up Google AdSense :

The user can set up the Google AdSense for free at the website of the AdSense. You need to create an account and for this you must be 18 years and in case, if you are not, then you will need an adult to help you out.

Also, you will be required bank account or PayPal and a mailing address and other valid information so that the AdSense can verify the same and send the money.  Note that you can earn money per ad click and a smaller amount per view.

Keep An Eye On Analytics :  

Always remember to check the analytics of your channel as this helps you to analyse the performance of the videos and thus helps you to upload more attracting content as per the audience choice.

Analytics can be viewed if you select Analytics option in the Channel Menu. In the Analytics section, you can view ad performance, earnings, views of your videos, demographics and many others.

With this performance report, try to create more content that bagged good views and also promote them.

Marketing Your Videos :

 Marketing the videos is prominent task and also helps you to build audience. Just promote the videos on various social media handles. And also create a blog, make a website and then post them. This helps you to build good size of audience. And hence you can earn good number of views for your videos and earn well.

YouTube Partnership :

The YouTube partners can earn access to more content creation tools and can also win prizes for the number of viewers they have. They are nothing but members of the YouTube, who have monetised videos with large number of viewers. The partnership also helps you to get access to many tips and more community support.

What is service :

 The service helps the user to increase the revenue as it allows the user to create polls and quizzes for free. All you need to do is just post a question and invite people to answer it.

And when more people visit pages you created on, the more you can earn. Good one, we say !

Conclusion :

If you can use the much used platform – YouTube with your creative ideas and stuff, then no one can stop you from earning well. Today, this has emerged as the leading network to grow your ideas and earnings. The only thing you need to remember is that – Content is King.

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