Ludo King Online: Play Ludo Game on PC/Laptop Windows 7,8,10

Ludo King Online: Are you the one bored being at home during this Quarantine?? Are you the one who is found of board games?? Don’t worry We have an option for you to stay at home safe but still hang out with friends playing board games-LUDO KING ON Windows.

There are so many Apps on Ludo. Out of all, Ludo King is the Most Popular App. & can be enjoyed by the whole family or with friends for a maximum of 4 players. You can play Ludo with your friends or test your luck against thousands of active players from all around the world. Here is the guide on how to play Ludo King Online on PC. So what are you waiting for? Play it right now by following the below simple steps.

Ludo King Online: Play Ludo Game on PC/Laptop Windows 7,8,10

ludo king online

ludo king online

There are two simple methods to get Ludo King On PC. You will find the procedures to download and play the Ludo King on PC below. Just follow the below steps and get start playing Ludo King. 

Method 1: Download Ludo King on PC App from Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store is available for every PC with Windows 10. After launching the Microsoft Store app, search for Ludo King in the search bar and you will find the game. The game is available for free. Select the install button by accepting the terms and conditions to download it to your PC. However, you won’t be able to play the game in landscape mode. You will have to adjust the window of the game to make it a portrait window to play normally.

Method 2: Using Facebook Instant Games ( Recommended Method) 

You can play Ludo king through Facebook Instant games. Visit website and on the menu bar you will find “Play now” Icon. Click on that. You will be redirected to Ludo King App on facebook Instant games. Login with your Facebook Id and start playing.

This is the simplest & easiest way to play Ludo Online. 

How to play Ludo King on PC:

The game takes place on a board with four coloured areas, One for each player. Everyone has four tokens that reside in their home base. The game is played by rolling a dice, and the goal is to get each of your tokens all the way around the board and into the center area before any of your opponents.

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To first move a token out of your base you need to roll a six, so games begin with all the players rolling the dice to see who gets the first token out of the base. If you do roll a six, then you automatically get another roll. Once you have a token out of your base, you are on the way around the board.

The challenge with circumnavigating the board comes from another of Ludo’s rules. If another player rolls the dice and can land one of their game piece on your game piece, your piece is going back into your base and you will have to again roll a six to get it out and start the journey around the board again.

Let’s have a look at the basic rules of Ludo king:

  • Ludo King is played between 2 to 4 players. Each player has 4 tokens. Whoever gets all four tokens to the home is the first winner. The game continues until all four places are decided-First, second, third and fourth.
  • A token can only move out from your base and start if a six is rolled by that player.
  • When a player rolls a six, they get another turn to roll the dice.
  • If a token crosses the finish line, that player gets another dice roll.
  • If a token captures another token of the opponent, the capturing player gets an other turn.
  • There are eight safe squares on the board which are the colored squares and starred squares.
  • The tokens must move around the board to win.

Features Of Ludo King Game

Easy User Interface:

Free game apps can be daunting when it comes to the game itself especially since most of them comes with ads on the screen. Where as Ludo King’s user Interface is easy to use without much ads and with a cleaner look than other leading games.

Accessible Online Multiplayer:

Ludo King game provides you with online match making which is very fast  with low pings and fast-paced game play. Ludo king multiplayer controls are user-friendly and provide you with preset messages, ability to add people as friends, and our personal favourite idle mode which is perfect for any player when you are suddenly interfered by calls or important texts. A fast paced turn system is applied which means there is no need for you to wait for a long time, if they are inactive for a long time, they get kicked out of the game.

Do wager Matches:

When you win a game versus any opponent, you earn coins. You use those coins to do bets in the online multiplayer, making the game more thrilling than ever even for just a board game. Ludo King rewards all the players with coins according to their first, second,and third places.

Chat with friends while playing :

This is the coolest feature with which Ludo King has been up graded with. You can have a chat with your friends or with other players and give a full stop to your boredom.

Auto move system with resume option:

This auto move system will help you to choose the move after rolling the dice when you are out of ideas. Ludo King resumes the game for a while and you can also challenge your friends and co players.

Play Offline:

You need not worry about having no or poor internet connectivity while playing Ludo King. The app enhances by itself. The application has also the ability to upgrade itself and can fix any bugs by itself.

What Makes Ludo King the best game to play:

Easy to play:

Ludo King is one of the simplest game which can be understood and played even by children. Now with the up gradation of the app Ludo King fully automated with only rolling the dice being our part to play. The moves will be automatically made by the app itself which makes you easy to play with still having the ultimate game experience.

Simple rules:

Ludo King game requires no expertise to understand and play. It is very simple with limited rules that can be understood by every one without any extra effort.

Multiplayer mode:

Ludo King can be played with two to four players either online with players world wide or offline by passing the system among the family.

Most Challenging :

Ludo King Online seems quite simple but yet is challenging to complete. Starting the game, moving around the board and getting all the pawns inside with your moves is challenging. It is at the same time engaging and you can pass time without going out.


Though many loves to play intense action games, there are times when you want to play fun games along with family which at the same time are challenging. Ludo King is one such game. Now since the world is under lockdown, Ludo is one one of the best addictive games to binge on time without moving out. Being user friendly is one of the features which makes it easy to play with simple set of rules. Follow this space for more updates and do let us known how well a player you are.


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