Ludo King Alternatives – Best Ludo Games For Android,iOS & Windows PC

Ludo King Alternatives – Best Ludo Games Available for Android, iOS & Windows PC: Ever since the lockdown started at different parts of the world, people started opting for different types of multiplayer games online and Ludo king is definitely one of them. Ludo is so close to the 90s kids as it is one of the games that they used to play with family and friends.

Now, because of the lockdown and social distancing norms, one cannot go out but they all can be connected over online multiplayer games like Ludo and have fun together despite being apart. Ludo King from Gamotronix is an instant hit with some millions of subscribers on both Android and iOS. There are so many people who are downloading the same app in their mobiles too. That’s how famous Ludo King became lately.

Usually the mobile games and apps are not so good at bringing nostalgy back. However, we can give an exception for Ludo King because this game brought back so many memories for the millennials and right now has become a source of fun too.

Ludo King Alternatives – Best Ludo Games For Android,iOS & Windows PC

Ludo King Alternatives

Ludo King Alternatives

The number of people downloading and using Ludo King has increased drastically and because of heavy traffic, at times the server is getting stuck. This is indeed disappointing and that is the reason why we have brought you a list of Ludo King alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows PC too. What are you waiting for? Just let’s dive into the list of Best Ludo Games Available in the market.

Ludo All Star

This Ludo All Star will give you all the nostalgic vibes with its amazing gaming modes. You can set up your own group of people and play with them. Be it two or four-player modes, you will get to enjoy the entire gaming process.

There are so many modes in the game that will never let you get bored of the game. You will enjoy all the time that you spend online on this app. The best thing about this app is that you can play it in offline too.

There is no fun in playing games without any rewards right! You will gain and lose points every time you win and lose the games respectively. This way you will get to enjoy the game and boost your confidence too. There are different themes for the players to enjoy online.

Ludo Master

This game is similar to the Ludo King and is now one of the favorites among so many people out there. If you are someone who got bored with the hanging of Ludo King, then you can definitely go with this option. The game has four or two player options, you can play with your friends or random people online or with the computer too.

However, you will get to enjoy all the time that you spend on this app as it gives you a lot of fun. Although the app is lot similar Ludo King, it is a bit faster and there are very less ads compared to Ludo King so you can just set up your team here and have a lot of fun.

You will get a reward every day if you check into the app for seven days straight. This is a way to motivate you to get into the app and play games. Apart from the Ludo games, you will get some missions and simple tasks to finish and if you ace all of them perfectly, you will be rewarded. Isn’t this motivating enough to enjoy the game.

Ludo Game: 2018

Most of the Ludo games are similar in their features, interface, etc. You will be playing with CPU and get rewarded when you play perfectly, etc. are same in almost all the apps.

However, the Ludo Game: 2018 is different. Usually, the players will get to start their game if and only if they draw a six with dice but in this game you will have the right to choose the number between one and six. There are so many options in the settings and you can customize your app according to them.

This is one of the best app alternatives that you can find for Ludo King. It is not completely similar to Ludo King so you will get to enjoy some amazing extra options too.

Ludo Club

Ludo club is one of the best alternatives for the Ludo King game and it is quite fast too. You will get to enjoy the game with less amount of data and it works well even when your internet connection is not up to the mark.

This indeed is a great thing for people who are suffering from bad internet connections. You can enjoy the game without any hassle.

Ludo Party

This is a 3D-game that will specially interest your children. The game is lot of fun and anyone can kill any coin without any hassle. There are no safe points and all coins are at risk.

The game is a little bit slow because of 3D setup but it is pretty fun and you will enjoy it a lot. The graphics of this games needs special mention here, it is just phenomenal. You can create a room and ask your friends to join the game. If you have kids at your home, then you must have this on your device.

Ludo Championship

This game has the classic Ludo board which will surely take you down the nostalgic memory lane. There are two other boards too that you can pick from. From 2-4, you can pick the number of players you want to play the game with.

There are different modes which will help you in earning more gold coins and also helps you with leveling up too.


There are so many Ludo games that are available in both Google Play Store as well as App Store and you can pick the one that you love the most. Some of these games are compatible with Windows for PC too. All of these are perfect alternatives for the famous Ludo King.

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