Download Hike Messenger For PC / Laptop : (Windows 7/8 10/XP)

Hike Messenger For PC / download Hike Messenger for Laptop / Hike Messenger for Windows : Hike Messenger is a messaging application that allows the user to share the content and chat with other people. Interestingly, it is a cross platform messaging service. It helps you to manage with the compatibility issues. It would be so much useful to install a Hike messenger on your smartphones.

Launched in 2012, the Hike messenger enjoys a great bunch of users in the country. It is important to note that the app is one of the most preferred one as it offers incredible features to the users. No one can deny the fact it takes immense pride for its chatting feature.

Features Of Hike Messenger :

Here is the list of features of Hike Messenger that helps you to understand the app even more better. Check out here:

  1. Hike Messenger is absolutely free
  2. You can send the high quality content
  3. Offers a ‘Just For Laughs’ feature. This helps the user to use funny images, posts and memes.
  4. Also, the user can receive brief news updates including pictures and video content
  5. This app comes with ‘Hire Direct’. This helps you to send messages and share the content within a hundred-metre radius
  6. This application offers a timeline feature that allows the user to share the content with all the contacts
  7. The user can also make use of the ‘Hide’ mode on the app.
  8. It also enables the user to secure all the activities.
  9. You can access the same with a password.
  10. In case, if you go offline with working on the app, then worry not. The app saves your activities and then you can resume your work when you come online again.
  11. Supports regional Indian languages
  12. The user can also have a group chat with 1000 others who are using the same app

Download Hike Messenger For PC / Laptop

hike messenger for PC / Laptop

hike messenger for PC / Laptop

Hike Messenger On PC / Laptop ( Windows):

Here is the detail report as how you can download and install the Hike Messenger on your PC or laptop with Windows 7/8/10/XP. Read On:

  1. At first, download an Android Emulator. This is a software that helps you to use the application on your PC or laptop. We prefer Bluestacks as an android emulator as it is most popular one.
  2. Install the Bluestacks on your PC or laptop
  3. Then, you have to download the ‘Hike for PC (Apk File)
  4. Now, after downloading the file, Open it with Bluestacks.
  5. You will receive a message on your screen saying ‘Installing APK”.
  6. A few seconds later, Hike will be installed on your device.
  7. Now, all you need to do is to open Bluestacks
  8. Then, click on the icon – Hike to start using the same on your device

Download Hike Messenger On PC Or Laptop Without Bluestacks:

Here is the step by step procedure that helps you to download the Hike Messenger on your laptop or PC without using android emulator, Bluestacks. For this, we need to use Google Chrome App called ARC Welder. Read on:

  1. Open the Google Chrome. In case, if you don’t have it. Install it.
  2. Then install the ARC Welder chrome app
  3. Now, you will see a new icon on desktop with name ‘Chrome App Launcher’
  4. After opening it, double click on ARC Welder
  5. This will ask you to add an Apk file.
  6. Just click on ‘+’ and then browse the Apk file of the app and select Open
  7. Now, pick the Orientation and Form factor of app
  8. And just click on ‘Test’ to run the app with ARC Welder
  9. The Hike will be launched.
  10. Just verify your mobile number and start using it

Conclusion: Hike Messenger is most used app across the globe. Also, the process of downloading and installing is super easy. What are waiting for? Just follow the instructions and then download it.

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