Google Tez: Offers & Rewards – Earn Money Through Tez Scratch Cards

Google Tez:

Last month Google released a major application, Google Tez to help India to become digitalized. As we all know, for Digital India, to promote digital transactions in India, many banks collaborated and worked on a solution for it. As a result, today we have UPI and it stands for Unified Payments Interface. you can ask me, What is UPI? UPI is a single window mobile payment system launched by the National Payments Corporation of India, with which one can send money from one bank account to another personal bank account, without the need of bank details. After demonetization, people got habituated to digital transactions.

Now finally, using this technology, to help common people to use this technology, Google came with smartphone application named Tez. With the help of Tez, you can perform UPI transactions which is nothing but send money from our bank to others bank account without a need for bank details. Tez is a very simple application and it works as an extension to your bank account and it is free to use!

Google Tez Guide: Offers & Rewards: Earn Money Through Scratch Cards

google tez offers and rewards

google Tez offers and rewards

Let’s see how to install Tez app on your smartphone and how to use.

Download Google Tez APP

How to Install Google Tez app

Tez app is officially available in Google Play Store for Android users as well as available in the iOS App Store for Apple iPhone users. you can download and install the application from your respective app stores.

  • Go to Play Store/App store.
  • Search for Tez or Google
  • You can see the Tez app in the very first result. Before installing the application, make sure the application is developed by Google
  • Finally, click on install.

Since it is an extension to your bank account, this app is very less in size. The size of this application is less than 7MB for android users.

How to Use Google Tez App

First of all, you have to configure your Tez account, then you have to add your bank details, such that you can start sending/receiving money.

  • After installation, open the application.
  • you’ll be asked to choose a language. you can choose English, if you are not perfect in English then you can go with the regional languages listed in the application.
  • Now you’ve to enter your mobile number. Here you have to enter the mobile number which is linked to your bank account. It is highly recommended to use the mobile number linked to your bank account.
  • Now you will be asked to link a Google account to Tez application. If you are on the Android smartphone, you’ll have a Gmail account for sure. Hence you can use that Google account. If you are on the iPhone, you’ve to log into your primary Gmail account and link it to your Tez application.
  • Now finally, you’ll be asked to set up a password for the application. Here you can see two options. 1 is Screen pattern/lock or Google pin. This is a password to use this application, just to log into the application. So here you can go with the first option which is nothing but your device pattern as a password for Tez application. This will avoid many confusions!

Now the setup of Tez application is done. The next step, adding bank account to your Ttez account.

How to add bank details in Google Tez App

To add bank details to your Google Tez app, do follow the below steps.

  • After setting up Google Tez account, on the homepage of the application, you can see an option to add a bank account.
  • Click on Add Bank Account. There you will see several bank accounts. Choose your bank account from the list shown there
  • Now you have to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card. Also, enter expiry month and year. This is just for verification purpose and nothing worry at this step
  • Now you’ll be asked to send a pre-written text message to your bank with the register mobile number. The summary of this text message is that you are seeking bank to enable UPI transaction on your bank account.
  • After a few seconds, UPI transactions will be enabled on your bank account.
  • At this point, you will be asked to set up a UPI PIN, which is nothing but a security pin used before a transaction. The way how we enter PIN number while withdrawing money from ATM, in the same way, you have to use this UPI PIN for every transaction you do. Hence always remember UPI PIN.

That’s it! you’re done.

If you face any issue, if you have any questions regarding Tez app, feel free to comment below or contact us.

Earn Money up to 1 Lakh Rupees through Google Tez Offers & Rewards

This app launched with many offers. Since the app is new in the market, there is an Introductory offer on this application. You can make a sum of rupees 9000 with the help of Google Tez.  Below are the possible ways to Earn offers and rewards with Google Tez

  • Refer & Earn: If you invite your friends, family members, relatives or colleagues to join Google Tez app, and if they install Tez app using your referral link, then you’ll get Rs.51 for every referral. But make sure, they make at least one transaction.

Using the refer and earn method, you can earn up to Rs. 9000 till 31st March 2018.

*Here is the proof of referral amount paid after referring a friend*

tez referral cashback

Tez referral cashback

  • Offers: In Google Tez app, you’ll see Offers section, where you’ll have specific tasks, such that you can win decent cash. Currently, Pay anyone this week, Rs.50 or more offer is going on. If you pay someone Rs.50 or more than that using Tez app, then you’ll get a scratch card. On Sundays, there’ll be a draw. If you are lucky, you can win up to 1Lakh cash back.

Terms & Conditions to earn offers & rewards

  • Each sender can only earn one reward each per week and for each reward you earn, you have a chance to win Rs. 1,00,000
  • If you send money to a non-Tez User, then you will not qualify for this offer.

Check in Time: 10: AM every Friday

If you want to know whether you earned the cash back or not, you can check on 10:00 AM Friday

*Here is the Screenshots of the amount earned by 2 users through Tez app*

google tez rewards

google Tez rewards


Here are few frequently asked questions by the people who are new to Tez.

1. Is it mandatory to add bank details to Google Tez account?

Yes! It is mandatory to add bank details to your Google Tez account if you are willing to do transactions with Tez. If you don’t want to do transactions with Tez for now, you can avoid adding bank details.

2. Are our bank details safe in Tez App?

Yes! your bank details are absolutely safe and secure. Using advanced technologies this application is made, and user security is the primary concern of Google. Hence you need not worry whether your bank details are safe or not. However, it is recommended for you to be careful with Tez PIN and UPI PIN. you are not supposed to share them with anyone.


All we can say is that Google Tez or Google Pay is one of the reliable sources to transfer money online. We have been using the same for many digital transactions and the payments are done easily without major difficulties. It only requires a few steps and everything is finished in a span of 5 minutes. Also, it enables you to avail the cashback facilities regularly and if you stay updated, it offers you some mind-blowing gifts and rewards that is a bonus to these amazing features. It only requires your patience and attention to get them in the form of scratch cards. All you have to do is follow the instructions as mentioned above and transfer any huge amount through Tez easily. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, then do comment below.

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