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Google Allo For PC / Desktop: Google’s Allo is a smart messaging app that helps the user to communicate in a better way possible. Developed by Google, the application was rolled out in September last year. The Allo was available only to the smartphone users of both Android and iOS. So far, there was no desktop version available for the app but in February, the Google announced its plan to launch the desktop version for the same.

The Google’s Vice President of Communications Products, Nick Fox told that it is just few weeks  away to launch the much-awaited feature.

Features Of Google Allo Desktop Version:

Here is the list of the features of the Google’s Allo that helps you to understand the application even more better, so that you can make use of it to the fullest. Check out here :

  1. The user can avail interesting stickers for the communication
  2. It comes with user-friendly interface
  3. Google Allo is very simple to use
  4. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant
  5. This application also offers various stunning emojis and doodles
  6. The user can respond to the messages without typing in your style
  7. You can also edit the pictures as per your style and art preference
  8. The user can chat one-on-one with the Google Assistant, whenever you need it
  9. You can use an incognito chat to send a message with end-to-end encryption
  10. It comes with all required features for the user to make the chatting a better experience

Download Google Allo PC / Desktop

Google allo for Desktop & PC

Google allo for Desktop & PC

All You Need To Know About Google Allo For PC / Desktop

Though, the developers mentioned that the launch is just few weeks, there is no official date for the launch. The Google is yet to announce the date. Also, the Google didn’t mention the features of the Google Allo desktop version and we believe that they will not disappoint us.

Also, note that it is not yet clear if the desktop version of the Google’s Allo will follow the WhatsApp and come with a native desktop client or browser-based desktop client. However, let us wait and see.

In case, if the Google launches a native app then this will give the Google Allo an edge over WhatsApp that enjoys a great fame around the world.

Expectations Of The Google Allo Desktop Version :

So far, the officials or developers didn’t come up with the features or specifications of the Desktop version of the Google Allo. But, there are few expectations from the same. Check out here :

  1. The Google Allo is not a native Windows or Mac app but will be a Chrome app
  2. The eagerly-awaited app might support the Google Assistant
  3. And if this happens, this will be the first time for Google Assistant that comes to the desktop
  4. As it is still in its development stage, many other advanced features are expected to roll out
  5. The Google didn’t mention or announced the launch date and time. Let us wait as it is just few weeks away for the launch
  6. It is expected to stand out from the rest of such apps in terms of specifications

Conclusion :

The developers of the Google Allo are struggling hard to enhance the abilities and capabilities of the messaging app. And the launch of the desktop version of the same is an added advantage for the Google to spread its wings across the globe. So, technology lovers are expecting that this time Google will come up with interesting features for its users so that they can have a good time communicating with other people. However, let us wait for the big day.

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