How To Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Devices

 Fix SSL Connection Error On Android : It is important to fix the SSL connection on android as the issue may cause severe problem to the device and also interrupts the work. In order to ease your job and help you fix the problem, we made the notes as how you can fix the issue. Here are the steps to fix the SSL connection on your android. Read on :

How To Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Devices

Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Devices

Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Devices

There might be many reasons of occurring SSL connection Errors on your android or any devices. The below are some of the reasons and clearly explained how to fix SSL connection Errors. Go trough this article to find the issue and fix the connection problem.

Correct The Date And Time :

You would have noticed the change in time and date (sometimes), if you move to a new city or another country. It is quite common. Now, you have to make sure that this specification is correct on your device as the bugs can change the settings of time and date. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Date and Time’. Then uncheck the ‘Automatic date and time’ and select ‘Set Date’ and ‘Set Time’.

Debug The Internet Connection :

At first, debug the internet connection on your device. We say, try another connection and if works, reset the settings and then try to open to a new page. Now, note that if it works, the bug is in router wi-fi connection or android wi0fi setting.

If the above mentioned one fails, then reset the Network data by going to Backup and reset. Then click on the ‘Network settings reset’ and tap the option – ‘Reset Settings’. Now, you will be notified with a pop up. Again hit – ‘Reset Settings’.

Disable Anti-Virus :

Note that the security apps and antivirus can also be the cause of the issue. In this regard, disable the same and then start using it again.

Swap Network Connection :

The SSL problem also pops up if you are using a public wi-fi connection. In this case, we suggest you to try your own network. Here, tap on ‘Apps’ and select the ‘Settings’. Then, tap – wif-fi and click more. There, tap the ‘Smart network switch’.

Clear Caches And Browsing History :

At times, you can also clear the SSL issue by clearing the caches and browsing history.  In case of Chrome, go to the Settings and clear the browsing data which is under the Advanced. Just select Privacy. Now, tap the drop down under the ‘Clear data from the.’ Here choose the period of the same and delete it. Just tap ‘Clear data’

In case of Firefox, go to History panel and tap on – Clear browsing history that is at the bottom of the History. Just hit the option – OK to confirm the same.

Restore System Of Android :

If all the above mentioned methods fail to fix the SSL issue then this (restoring the system of android) is the only left over option for the user. Just restore the Android to ‘Fabric Mode’. But note that it will remove all the contents on your phone including data, pictures, notes and many more. So, go for the ‘backup’ option by tapping on – Reset Device and then tapping on Backup and Reset. Now, click – Apps and Settings. Then, give a tap on ‘Factory data reset’ and then tap on ‘Erase Everything’.

Now, to reset your Android, go to Settings and select – General and Backup and reset. Then pick – Factory data reset and hit- Reset device. Now, select – Delete All.

Conclusion :

Fixing an SSL connection is very important on your device if the problem arises because it interrupts many functions of the device. So, try and solve the issue with the help of above mentioned techniques as per the requirement. Do not forget to choose the option as per the cause of the trouble.

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