Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on Android & iOS Platforms

Snapchat Dark Mode : These days people have become night owls and many of them binge their time on social media apps. For this reason many of the social media apps have started to add Dark mode feature on their apps. The Dark mode facilitates the user by turning the user interface in the dark colour scheme that makes the eyes of the user comfortable to browse during nights and reduces the strain on the eyes. Now Snapchat has also made its users to enable Snapchat Dark Mode on both Android and ios operating systems. In this article we are showing you how to activate or enable Dark mode on Snapchat. 

Many researches have proved that using high contrast color during night time can cause harm to the eyes in a considerable amount may it be the desktop, laptop, Television or a smartphone. As a result many of the companies have rolled out Dark mode or night mode option mainly in the mobile apps or websites including social media apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter and many more. Enabling Dark mode is considered a crucial feature and give it an at most importance.

Snapchat which is intensively been used private chat, as most of the private images and videos are shared over it and its user base has skyrocketed over the past few years. As a result Snapchat has also introduced the dark mode feature for its users.

Why Night Mode / Dark Mode Matters??

Many of the social media users in the present days check their accounts and during night time and this number is increasing every day. Thus major number of social media apps have embraced the dark mode feature which tends to emit less glare and causes considerably less strain on your eyes particularly in low-lighting conditions.

The more exposure of eyes to high contrast colors during bed time makes it difficult for you to sleep and also has various other side effects. With the help of Dark mode redesigns our UI and implements dark contrast colors which reduce strain caused to your eyes. This Feature has proved to be a very helpful one for the user.

Is the Dark Mode on Snapchat officially out ??

Talking about the new features and functionalities snapchat has always been fast paced and has added tons of new features recently including Three new COVID-19 Lenses, Snapchat Cameos, Snap Map, SnapChat Calling and many more in the list.

Following these updates users are always curious to use snapchat and its latest features. Snapchat has not yet come up with this battery and eye saving feature but there is a work around from which we can implement it. More interestingly, Snapchaters have also gone to the extent of creating online petition asking for this feature to be added. 

How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on Android & iOS Platforms

snapchat dark mode

snapchat dark mode

Enable Night Mode on Snapchat for Android:

Fortunately, If you are running on your latest OS version of your device or the latest Android Version such Android Q you have a Dark mode / Night theme option available to the rescue. 

  1. Open settings option and select the screen security.
  2. Go to the unknown sources. These settings may or may not vary according to the device.
  3. Visit the play store and from there download the substratum app.
  4. Install the app once the downloading is complete.
  5. The moment you have installed, launch the app. You can see a number of themes and you can select for the one you desire.
  6. After you have successfully enabled dark mode/Dark theme on your Android, you can enjoy almost all the social media apps on your mobile including Snapchat. 

If you don’t want to navigate all the way to the settings to enable and disable Snapchat Dark mode, you can find the Dark theme setting right in the quick settings of your device. Just scroll down to enable/ disable it.

Enable Snapchat Dark Mode for ios:

If you are an ios user, There is only one hope for you called nightmare app. It is a UI Tweak that was rolled out a couple of years ago. But it is still effective. However, this app isn’t available on the app store instead you will need to jailbreak your iphone to use this tool. If you are already having a jail break in your iphone, proceed to the following steps below:

  1. Open Cydia and install ifile.
  2. Download the nightmare package.
  3. Locate open in and chose ifile.
  4. Click on the installer to extract the package.
  5. Upon successful installation, you can restart springboard for it to take effect.

Now, you will see the dark mode is activated in your Snapchat app.


By following the above steps, Android and ios users can make use of Snapchat Dark mode or night mode. Enjoy the snapchat and other social media apps even at bedtime without over straining your eyes. Hope this article on enabling the dark mode on Snapchat has helped you. Visit our site for more such articles and do comment your queries and we will get back to you.

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