How To Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp

Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp : We say WhatsApp is one thing that every one uses every day. Millions of people prefer the app for its world-class features and functionalities. Every now and then the WhatsApp amazes the users with its interesting features. Be it WhatsApp Stories, emojies, GIFs, audio calls or video calls, the WhatsApp manages to stand in the top position in the list of best apps for same nature.

The audio and video calls of the WhatsApp earned immense fame around the world and countless people make use of it to the fullest. These calls are widely preferred for its quality and other services.

And in case, if you want to disable audio and video calls in Whatsapp, then this is the perfect guide for you.

How To Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp

Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp

Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp

Disable Audio And Video Calls In WhatsApp on Android devices

Check out the below mentioned step by step instructions to disable the audio and video calls on WhatsApp for Android devices. Take a look.

  1. At first, note that there is an app that helps you to block or disable audio and video calls.
  2. But this app is not available on play Store, so you have to download it from the browser.
  3. Open any browser on your Android device
  4. And then download it – Disable WhatsApp Calls Apk
  5. Then, install the app
  6. Go to Settings and then to Security
  7. And select or tick the option – Unknown Services
  8. After installing the app
  9. Open the same
  10. Then select the option – Service
  11. This helps you to switch it On
  12. This will navigate you to Settings
  13. There, toggle – Disable WhatsApp Calls to On
  14. And then go back to the app
  15. Now, check the option – Incoming Call and Outgoing Call
  16. Also, you can choose the blocking. That is you can block Incoming calls and keep the outgoing calls or else in the other order. Totally up to you

Your Guide To Block Or Disable Audio And Video Calls On iOS Devices :

Here is your guide to block or disable the audio and video calls on iOS devices. Read the process below.

  1. At first, Settings > Account > Blocked
  2. Here, add the desired contact
  3. Also, you can go to the contact and then block the contact on WhatsApp
  4. But note that this process also blocks the WhatsApp messages along with the audio and video calls.

Conclusion :

We say the smartphone is a basic necessity for millions of people out there and the WhatsApp is like a lifeline as it allows the users communicate through texts, audio and video calls. This is a great tool for modern day communication. In case, if you are irritated with some unwanted calls and unknown number, then blocking and disabling their calls is the only possible option. So, just read the above mentioned procedure and also implement the same to block those frustrating contacts.

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