How To Create Guest User Account In Windows 10

Do you know about the guest user account in Windows 10 ? Well, we are sure, you would have heard about it. And in case if you are wondering about how to create a another account on your system, then you have visited the right page. This article is about the creation of a guest User in Windows 10.

Many of us share our laptops or computers with friends and family members. Even at times, we share our gadgets. And also everyone seeks privacy for their things and information. In such sharing situations, the guest account comes to your rescue.

Note that guest account in Windows 10 gives privacy to you and your information. Just simply lock with credentials – Username and Password and then no one can get the access to the account. Create a guest user account and then lock it. That’s it.

How To Create Guest User Account In Windows 10

Create Guest User Account In Windows 10

Create Guest User Account In Windows 10

Just check out the below mentioned steps or instructions to create a guest user account in Windows 10. Read on.

  1. First of all, open – Start
  2. And search for – Command Prompt
  3. Then, right click an then select – Run as administrator
  4. Now, here we have to add a guest user account
  5. Just type in the following command
  6. At first name it as – TTT
  7. Later you can rename it as per your choice
  8. Remember that do not name it as – Guest as it is already reserved by Windows
  9. After creating the account, execute the command
  10. Here, you have to add a password to the account
  11. If you don’t want a password or wish not to lock it, then you can skip the step by selecting or clicking – Enter
  12. Now, we have to delete the newly created account from – Users group and then add it to the – Guests group
  13. We have mentioned the commands below and these will help to finish the task
  • Net localgroup users TTT / delete
  • Net localgroup guests TTT / add
  1. And its done. You have successfully create a guest user account

Your Guide To Delete The Guest User Account :

Read the below mentioned process or instructions to delete the guest user account.

  1. At first, open – Settings
  2. Then, go to – Accounts
  3. Now, select – Family & other people
  4. Then, under – Other People, you will find the guest account you created
  5. Just select or click on it
  6. Ad select – Remove
  7. And that’s it.
  8. The account and the information of the same will be completely deleted from your system

Conclusion :

We say that the Guest User account always helps a lot when you share your device with your friends and family members. Read the above mentioned procedures or step by step instructions for creating the guest account and also deleting the same. All you need to do is just create the guest user account and lock if you want to with the help of credentials – Username and Password

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