CCleaner Alternatives & Similar Apps / Software For PC

CCleaner Alternatives For PC : 

These days, it is hard to find people who are not associated with electronic gadgets. Also, millions of people are choosing and using them for various activities and tasks that are impossible otherwise. Especially laptops and computers can be considered too sensitive among them. If you desire to improve their working condition then you need to implement some reliable methods to maintain them properly.

Just remember to keep your computer trash free and with the help of CCleaner, you can reach this simple goal. Also, the CCleaner needs no introduction as it has been serving several people with its advanced features and specifications. In other words, it is a prominent software to clean up your computer and helps you to get rid of the irrelevant files and clears the internal issues. But why relying on the same old application again and again when you try some new software with cooler features.

CCleaner Alternatives & Similar Apps / Software For PC

CCleaner Alternatives

CCleaner Alternatives

Here is the list of top 7 CCleaner Alternatives. Do take a look and choose the one that suits your PC the best:

Cache Cleaner :

The Cache Cleaner is the best alternative for CCleaner and notes that it is the newest one. Within a short span, it has emerged as a good cleaning tool in the market. Many prefer this because of its advanced features and easy accessibility. It helps the user to increase the pace of your device and makes less use of the battery.

App Cache Cleaner :

It is one of the much-used apps for cleaning up your device. We say it is a great tool for clearing application cache files. This means it helps the user to create more space on their device. It clears the cache files and improves storage memory, internal ROM storage, free phone internal memory and others. By cleaning frequently it also speeds up the PC to a noticeable extent.

Clean Master :

We are sure, you would have heard this name – Clean Master because it is very popular in the market. The name was super catchy and it can be availed easily as it consumes the minute amount of the storage space in your computer. It is a complete optimization manager. The Clean Master helps the user to improve your phone’s performance and removes all the irrelevant files. Also, it protects your device from malware and viruses. It is always a good choice to pick this one for your device.

Quick Cleaner :

You will not be disappointed if you choose Quick Cleaner for your device. This helps the user to clean up the cache and also history. And this helps the phone to gain speed and also it optimizes its performance. The major functions of the Quick Cleaner are it cleans up histories, cache, text messages and call logs. Also, it protects the privacy of your device and makes space.

History Eraser :

This is another major cleaning app. The History Eraser bagged a top spot in the list of best alternatives for CCleaner and it keeps updating itself to beat every other similar application. It helps the user in cleaning up the history of apps which can give you a whopping amount of storage and can eliminate any virus associated with those apps. The user can also get some internal storage space. The History Eraser also protects the user’s privacy.

1 Tap Cleaner :

With 1 Tap Cleaner on your phone, one can enjoy very good features of the cleaning app.  It cleans the cache, call logs and also searches histories. Interestingly, it comes with four cleaners in the app. Also, the 1 Tap Cleaner helps you to get more free space for the internal storage. Always a good choice to pick this one.

AVG Cleaner :

The AVG Cleaner is a very popular one to clean up your device. It helps you to clear your browser and app histories. The AVG Cleaner also identifies and removes unwanted RAM cached app data. This works on both the external storage device and computer’s internal memory. Also, it is very quick in functioning.

Conclusion :

A cleaning app is the most important thing on your Computers. In order to keep your PC in good condition, you will need a cleaning app as mentioned above. All of them are the most popular and secured ones among the others available in the market. Try them and share your opinions in the comment section below.

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