Best Websites to Play Fantasy Cricket & Sports Online Win Cash Prizes [100% Legal]


Do fantasy cricket games give a perfect adrenaline rush to you? The urge to create something new is the first reason why we all do it. They place their interest in both time and sports by doing this. The number of fantasy platforms that are being developed has increased day by day. There is a thrill, there are rewards and there is a lot of competition in the picture for these people. The clients are known to share a broader opinion when it comes to it. Most of them, however, have various reasons to play Fantasy cricket or fantasy sports as the domain justifies them. Therefore, here are a few reasons why people love to play fantasy sports:

Why people love to play the fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Sports:


Drenched with the routine, the hectic schedules, and their day-day lives, people search for opportunities that can bring the fun. While it is not entirely possible for the fans to always go out and have fun, they dedicate their time for playing the sports not only to stay connected to the game but also keep it as a good choice to break from other things. During the long seasons of different games, the entertainment will be four-folded with the extravaganza.


Now, who doesn’t love a little money and gambling? Turns out both of them are in the Fantasy sports. It is an amazing field that allows you to look out for both money and fun. However, the good chance is that there is a bigger probability for everyone to win and there are people who even make their living in constantly participating in one of these games.


The contemporary world is full of introverts. Not everyone among us can go and connect with people and therefore, the social media platforms have been established. However, if you want to make friends with people who share similar interests and who like similar sports, then these fantasy sports are accurate for you. They are popular, naive and they allow people to contact with each other, making a platform that allows people to connect with each other.


Time is an important thing in today’s world. It keeps on moving irrespective of what you think. The fact that is stopping us from doing a lot of things, even when we want to is rather disappointing. Fantasy sports are indeed a good choice when it comes to tiny investment and more fun. You can play them both in shorter time frames as well as longer time frames as well based on how much you love them.

All of the fantasy cricket &  sports work with the same principle. The performance of a player in each game is tracked and based on that, the points are given. If there are N number of players in your team, and each player has scored some m number of runs; your total score would be the addition of all scores, say n1m1+n2m2+n3m3+…….nNmN. All the participants play this game with the sole aim to win money or rewards and as well keep hooked on the particular sport as well.

Best Sites to Play Fantasy Cricket:

Dream 11:

The biggest fantasy sports portal that has been based in India, it is one of the most used sites during the IPL seasons, every year. People have been playing on this portal for years now and all of the experiences are equally good. Dream 11 is not only restricted to Cricket, as it provides leagues for Football, Basketball, and Kabaddi as well. The interface is extremely user-friendly understandable. The reason why people love this portal is that of the transparency that if offers, where everything is out in the air. All you have to do is set up the teams before each match and sit there, biting nails.

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Another website that offers both Fantasy Cricket online and Fantasy Football along with few other games, this is recommended equally because of the hassle-free investment and withdrawal. One of the biggest advantages to play on Halaplay is that the users can edit the teams even until the last moment. An interesting feature about this portal is that it also allows you to play the Reverse Fantasy League where the users have to select the players with the lowest score and the one who scores low the most, wins the money. Halaplay also gives you bonuses in the form of 10%, 20% additional money whenever you add money to the wallet. The interface can get a bit difficult at the start, but once you’re habituated, you’re good to go.

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A different type of Fantasy Cricket, it allows you to select 5 batsmen from which you can choose the Captain a Vice Captain for the two folded and one and a half-folded scores, respectively. Fanmojo is the simplest website in the world as it won’t ask you for a PanCard or a Bank account. Users can just login using their Mobile Number and Networking account. The amount won can be withdrawn into the Paytm wallet, directly. Also, each referral can win you around INR 500, if your friend starts playing the game.


Again, another website that has become popular for Fantasy Sports, this one is known for the best referral program that it has. For example, if a user joins the Playzerpot using a referral code, he will only receive around INR 10 at the start. However, later, when he gets to play a public league, the Referer person will receive 10% of the amount they have invested in the league. You don’t have to verify the account using the bank account or the pan card and the withdrawal can be quickly done to the Paytm account.

Best sites for Fantasy Sports Outside India:


A dominant daily sports site, it is based in New York. The company is known to have a net worth of around $1 billion and therefore you can play it whenever you want and wherever you want it. There is a truckload of options to choose from, ranging from 20,000 leagues. The payment is instantaneous and all the contests have around 1M users. The site is also known to have online tools like line up builders to outsmart other people. Therefore, all you need to do is sign up and play fantasy sports to win money in dollars.


A billion dollar company, this site operates for fans in Northern America. Located a Boston, it allows you to play the daily games and there are just so many of both professional and private sports. The games include the NFL, the NHL, The NBA, The PGA and the MLB along with UEFA Champions League and English Premier League. The only drawback is that it doesn’t allow people to bet on Cricket.

Fantasy Premier League:

Don’t we all love Football, just too much? With 3 million users in the picture, this is the biggest Football fantasy site in the world. It mainly focuses on the English Premier League, hence the name. It is absolutely free to play and one can win amusing rewards with it. Here, you can create various teams with limited salary/credits and the points are updated according to the performance of the players in each match. However, the prizes are only given monthly or once or twice in a year.


Yahoo has almost everything and anything in the world. Therefore, join this free platform and start playing the game instantaneously. You can enter into various contests ranging from $1 for winning exciting rewards. Yahoo covers a huge domain of sports including NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball, and many other Football matches as well. However, it doesn’t support Cricket again and therefore, you have to find some other app to keep updated with the game.


The database contains a hundred thousands of users, across the globe. A leading soccer fantasy game in the world, it is spread across several platforms on the web and is entirely free to play. All you need to do is build your own club and keep coaching it. You don’t have to be online every day in order to win in this game, given you have the best tactics. Therefore, you won’t regret joining this given the customer support and the dynamics of the portal.

That being said, there are many other Fantasy Sports sites that you can find, both inside and outside India. All of them have international exposure with lots of people involved in the database. However, it is up-to you to learn which one is authentic and which one is not as there are few fraudulent websites as well that take money from you in the name of fantasy leagues. Make sure that you’re investing in the trust-able one before you proceed and start playing the best fantasy leagues, every day. While winning rewards is an additional bonus, playing it will keep you hyper about the happenings of the leagues.


These are the fantasy cricket games that can drive you crazy and fulfil all your cricket dreams with ultimate satisfaction. Do try them and let us know how you feel about them. Also, you can always as your queries in the comment section below, where we reach you as soon as possible.

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