Best Weather Forecast Apps / Widgets For Android

Weather Widgets for android / Best Weather Forecast apps: If you want to get the accurate and quick weather information on your device, then you should select the perfect weather widget for the same. In order to ease your job, Techphiz came with this article that helps you in providing information about the best and top android weather widget apps in the market. Take a look at the best weather forecast apps for Android users.

Best Weather Forecast Apps / Widgets For Android

weather forecast apps & widgets for android

weather forecast apps & widgets for android

Weather And Clock Widget Android:

The Weather and Clock Widget Android is an application that enjoys immense following. It is a good app and comes with a wide range of widget sizes including 2x, 4x and 5x widgets for different screen sizes. Also, it gives accurate weather forecasts for real-time.

WeatherBug :

The WeatherBug is another prominent weather radar and forecasting app. It offers amazing features including animated maps, access to American Doppler Radar, alerts for thunderstorms and much more related to the weather. This app enjoys the largest forecasting networking around the world. Above all, it is free to download.

Google Weather Widget

Google Now:

It is available for free. Google Now helps the user in getting accurate weather information. The app provides weather updates and also gives the weather alerts. The Google Now app is one of the most popular weather widgets in the market. Also, it is simple to understand and use.

Amber Weather :

The Amber weather is one of the most preferred apps by the Android users due to its accuracy. It’s prime focus is on widgets. Another added advantage of the app is that it gets updated on regular basis. It also gives weather alerts and notifications accurately. Its interface is also easy to understand.

Weather Android App:

The Weather app is a well-known one for its delightful and fascinating features. It is lightweight and also fluid. The users can receive both weekly and hourly forecasts as per the requirement. Remember that it is super quick in nature and managed to impress many users of Android.

AccuWeather :

With its specifications and stunning features, the AccuWeather managed to bag a good position in the market. The app is the most popular one among Android users. Note that it is majorly developed to update the people with accurate weather information and also provides alerts but not designed to look stylish.

1Weather :

The 1Weather is one of the most well-rounded weather apps in the list of best ones.  It looks stunning and also offers incredible features to the Android users. It provides accurate information to the users. The user of 1Weather can avail real-time weather forecasts up to 10 days of upcoming time. If the user sets the app to track your location, you can always get the information.

Go Weather Forecast And Widgets :

Like any other app developed for weather forecasting, this Go Weather app also gives information of weather forecasts and alerts. Also, it comes with several widget sizes for your home screen and also the user can download the themes for the app and widgets.

Weather XL Pro:

The Weather XL Pro is another weather app that offers beautiful animated stuff on the app. It also gives accurate information about weather forecasts on basis of hours and days. It is a lightweight one and fluid. It is easy to understand and use. It works great on phones and tablets.

Transparent Weather And Clock :

This popular weather app – Transparent Weather and Clock offers several home screen widgets in varied sizes. The user can customize elements including fonts, alarms, widgets’ skins and much more. The app also provides world weather and moon phase calendar. Give a try!

Best Android Weather Widgets

Conclusion : We managed to get the top and best 10 Weather apps for Android users. All these Best weather apps provide accurate information about the weather as per your requirement and also alerts the user. Also, they come with varied features and specifications. So, be wise while picking up the best one for your Android device from these Weather Apps for Android

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