Top 10 Best Video Players For Android Devices

Best Android Video Player : Android video player is an application or software that is developed to play the multimedia files. In other words, one cannot play the multimedia on their devices without a video player. Today, there are uncountable video players in the market but we suggest you to be smart while picking up the best video player for your android device. So, we have come up with the list of best video players for your Android devices.

Top 10 Best Video Players For Android Devices

best android video players

best android video players

VLC Player :

We are sure, everyone would be familiar with this name – VLC video player. It is widely preferred one in the market due to its good specifications and features including its ability to stream videos even if the users have the URL. It also supports other video formats – DVD ISOs. Above all, it is available for free. It’s simple interface helps the user a lot.

MX Player :

MX Player is yet another most popular video player as it offers amazing features to the users. It supports a wide range of formats and also plays the content with ease. The app also supports subtitles as well. MX Player’s interface is good and we say it is a good pick.

Wondershare Player :

The Wondershare Player is absolutely free for the users. It is an app that helps the user with its unique features for video streaming. It comes with the great support for all common video codecs and audio files. Just like VLC Player, it also supports video streaming with the help of an URL.

LocalCast :

The app LocalCast is one of the much used and most preferred video players in the market. The LocalCast comes with additional and stunning features including a streaming media from the device to a Chromecast, Fire Stick and others.  It stands out from the rest due to its features and functioning.

DicePlayer :

DicePlayer is another video player for android devices. It garnered enough attention from the users with its stunning features and specifications including pop out play. It comes with a support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks and hardware accelerated playback. You can download it for free. It is the best video player for Android video player. Another added advantage of the DicePlayer is that it perfectly fits for low-end smartphones.

BS Player :

The BS Player is one of the best video players available in the market and also it manages to stand out from the other video players with its features. With the help of BS Player, the user can play videos from the uncompressed RAR files. It creates and manages the playlists. Also, it supports the video streaming from YouTube.

Mobo Player :

With its unique specifications, the Mobo Player manages to impress the users. It is the best video player as it offers stable video playback option for both online and offline. The app also comes with a variety of formats. Also, supports subtitles. The Mobo Player comes with a Library Management feature.

G Player :

The G Player is one of the top video players for android devices as the user can watch the video content in floating mode. The user can get the pro version of the same to get ad free interface. It can be used as online player to stream online videos. The app also supports both ARMv5 and ARMv6.

mVideo Player :

The mVideo Player is widely preferred for its easy navigation and design. It supports high quality videos and also supports subtitles. Give it a try !

Feather Player :

The Feather Player comes with several specifications and unique features. With this app on your device, the user can create their own videos playlist and its interface impresses everyone. It is small in size and is compatible with all android versions.


All the above-mentioned Android video players are very unique in terms of their features and specifications. The user can avail different advantages with each different video player. So, choose wisely before picking up the perfect one for your android device.

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