Top & Best Smart Bands Under Rs 3000 in India 2018

Best Smart Bands Under Rs 3000 :

It is a well-known fact that people these days are leading stressful lives and also neglecting their both physical and mental health. We totally get it that you are stressed out about your personal and professional lives but it is equally important to focus on your health and daily activities for a great future.

And when we talk about managing time and keeping a count on your calories as what are consuming and how many calories are you burning in a day, then these Smart Bands come into the picture. We say, now you don’t have to bother about the fitness issues and just grab a smart band to keep an eye on your calorie count.

In other words, these are nothing but wearable technical bands that keep a count of calories you burn every day while working. We say, getting a smart band is always a smart choice for sure.

Today, these smart bands became an important element in one’s life and are helping the users to lead a healthy lifestyle. Want to buy one in your budget? Then you must read this column. Here is a list of smart bands under Rs 3000 along with other important details and features. Check out :

Best Selling Smart Bands Comparison:

Top 10 Best Smart Bands Under Rs 3000 in India in 2018

Smart bands under 3000

Smart bands under 3000


Xiaomi Mi Band 2 :

The Xiaomi Mi Bands are one of the best selling smart bands in the market. The technical devices of the Xiaomi managed to bag a good position in the Indian markets with their incredible services for affordable prices.

You can buy this smart band and enjoy its superior quality features. This Xiaomi band will help you to stay fit as it keeps a track of your daily activities including walking distance, calories burned. Another valuable addition of these bands is that they track your sleep quality and also notifies you of incoming calls. This product boasts a 30 – day battery life.

Best Features :

  1. Huge battery life
  2. Affordable fitness band
  3. Sleep cycle alarm
  4. Fitness tracker
  5. Superior quality display
  6. Keeps a good and accurate count of calories
  7. Anti-lost feature
  8. Sleep tracker

GOQii Life Fitness Band :

GOQii Life Fitness comes with features that are always more than expectations. The smart band is a health tracker and gives 3-month access to a personal trainer and also a certified doctor. You can grab this band and its offers for Rs 1,299 & 3799. The Difference is you will have 3 months Personal Coaching for rs 1,299 & 12 Month Person Coaching for rs 3,799. If you don’t want Personal coaching you can go with Rs 1,299 Product. You can Cancel / renewal the subscription any time.

The access to a personal trainer and certified doctor are the highlights of the product. Like other bands, it keeps an eye on your fitness too. Also, it doesn’t require a separate USB cable for charging as it comes with an integrated charger. The band boasts a great display with time, floor count, calorie burn count and step count. The band comes with a silent alarm feature an OLED display. The fitness device has magnetic pins that charge the band when connected to the charger.

Best Features :

  1. Good life span
  2. Minimal price
  3. Integrated charger
  4. Access to Personal trainer
  5. Certified doctor
  6. SMS, Email and WhatsApp notifications
  7. OLED display
  8. Silent alarm
  9. Splash-proof

HealthSense PD – 102 Pedometer Smart 3D Pedometer Watch :

Here comes the HealthSense PD – 102 Smart 3D Pedometer Watch with best possible features and also it is one of the most affordable brands in the market. This preferred band is designed with extreme care and fits your choices. You can buy this band for Rs 1,699.

This band tracks all your physical activities and gives you the count too. The product analyses the activities and calculates the distance walked and calories burned. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. The band comes with a crystal clear display and boasts accurate tracking. Another highlight of the band is that you can choose between run or walk mode for accurate results.

Best Features :

  1. Water resistant
  2. Affordable price
  3. Good battery life
  4. Good memory power
  5. Smart 3D Tri-Axis Technology
  6. The option of choosing run or walk mode
  7. Clear display
  8. Great design

EnerZ Gofit Pulse 3D Fitness Band

The EnerZ Gofit Pulse 3D Fitness Band is one of the leading bands in the market. It synchronises with Ios and Android devices. This product analyses the user’s daily activities and calculates the calories burned and also distance covered. The band also monitors the heart rate. Interested can buy this product for Rs 1,499. EnerZ Gofit Pulse 3D Fitness Band :

The band of EnerZ Gofit Pulse 3D Fitness also gives an alert to the incoming calls and gives notification to the messages, Facebook and WhatsApp notifications. Interestingly, the band boasts a sedentary alert when it notices inactivity and also prompts you to move from your position.

Best Features :

  1. Huge life span
  2. One of the affordable bands
  3. Sedentary alert
  4. Remote camera
  5. Heart rate monitor
  6. Triggers notifications of WhatsApp and Facebook
  7. OLED display
  8. Caller ID display

Intex FitRist Smart Band :

The health band of the Intex FitRist is one of the much used smart bands and it comes under Rs 1000. This is another reason why people prefer buying this product. Also, it offers good features. The band comes with a rubber-like finish and is very comfortable to wear for many hours.

The display will be on the band and there will be a single button on the side of the display. This button helps you to switch between the date, time, steps take, calories burned, distance covered, camera control and music control. The user of this band can control music playback and also trigger the shutter of the phone camera. The smart band boasts an impressive battery life.

Best Features :

  1. On a single charge, you can use the band for almost one week.
  2. Easily compatible with Android 4.3 or above and Ios 7.0 or above
  3. Good display
  4. You can afford it for minimal price
  5. Keeps a good track of calories
  6. Water Resistant
  7. Camera trigger


Hope, this might have helped you and let us know all your views and opinions regarding smart bands. Also, mention your doubts in the comment section below.

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