10 Best Android Security Apps to Protect Your Device

Android Security Apps : Securing the content on your device is a great deal. Today, it has become a major issue to protect the content on your device. The security applications play a prominent role in protecting the device from other people. In other words, the security apps help you to secure certain apps, of your choice, on your device. Though, there are several such Android apps available in the market, it is always good to pick the best one.

10 Best Android Security Apps to Protect Your Device

Best Security apps for Android

Best Security apps for Android

We have listed the top 10 and best security apps for android devices. Take a look here :

Security Apps For Android Devices

Applock :

The Applock is one of the most popular security applications for android devices. Millions of people prefer this one for its user friendly interface. It offers incredible features to the user. All you need is to activate the app and then enter a PIN. With this, you can lock certain things of your choice on your device and then unlock them by using the entered PIN.  It is available for free. Give a try !

Android Device Manager :

The Android Device Manager is the best security app for android device as it is an anti-theft service. Just activate the same and then go to the ADM website and then do all other things. It also comes with several other features. As long as it is in the Google Play Store, you can have it on every Google Android device. It is available for free.

GlassWire :

 This is yet another security application for android devices. The GlassWire allows the user to learn which app is consuming the data. Also, the user gets alarm and allows you to know when a new app is sucking down the data. It gives great working experience.

Ghostery Browser :

In case, if you choose to browse the Web in privacy, then we prefer this security app. The Ghostery Browser is one of the best security apps in the market and also allows the user to show the trackers and ad networks that every website employs.

DuckDuckGo Search And Stories :

The DuckDuckGo Search and Stories managed to grab the attention of the users by providing the best possible features and specifications. Note that it has a search engine similar to Yahoo, Bing and Google. Also, it works great for those who want to search in privacy. Interested can avail the same for free.

Avast Antivirus And Security :

The Avast Antivirus And Security is a free app for the android users and comes with impressive bunch of tools including a call blocker, wi-fi scanner, app locker and many others. To be crystal clear, this helps the user to get all the details of the apps on your device. Also, it scans the URLs for malware. The Avast antivirus and security offers extra protection for rooted devices.


The AVL is yet another security app that is ranked the best in the market for its services. Note that it doesn’t come with anti-theft tools and identity protection and few other features.  It is a good one in protecting your device.

LastPass :

With its features and specifications, the LastPass stands out from the rest of the security applications. We say, it is one of the best password manager apps. It helps the user to protect the data and certain apps on your device. The LastPass is a cross platform one and is a powerful tool.

Avira Antivirus Security :

The Avira Antivirus Security is the best security app in the market and you can get for free. With its minimalist design and good features, it safeguards your phone and tablet. Also, there is a premium version that comes with few other benefits by adding better support, anti-phishing and regular updates.

Tor Project :

Several smartphone users prefer the Tor project for its lavish range of benefits. It is widely preferred for security and privacy of the things on your device. The app helps the user to protect the data and certain things of your choice on your device.

Conclusion : Everyone, who uses smartphone, seeks privacy and security as well. And here comes the security apps. As said, the security apps come with varied features and distinct functions. Just read the above mentioned notes and pick the perfect app as per your need.

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