Best Scanning Apps for Android and iOS to Scan Documents from Smartphones

Scanning Apps for Android and iOS:

Smartphones are the most versatile devices that we use these days and we cannot imagine a day without them. It is one of the best sources to connect with people from every part of the world. Lot of work can be done through this small miraculous gadget without spending tiresome hours in front of computers or laptops. One can access any app in mobile, Mobile apps have made our lives a lot more productive, be it personal assistant apps, collaboration apps, cloud storage apps or more. One among such important app is scanner apps. Check out best Scanning apps for iOS & Android.

Best Scanning Apps for Android and iOS to Scan Documents from Smartphones

Scanning documents is one of the important things most of us do on a daily basis and we need to keep track of all records such as receipts, bank checks, office documents, Passport etc. You don’t need a laptop to do any of that, all you need is a Smartphone and right apps to make your work even easier. Imagine that you urgently need some important documents to be scanned and you are nowhere near a scanner, you can simply transfer your Smartphone into a portable office anytime. These days every smartphones have High-quality cameras so, it made it even better for scanning a document or photo with great results and it is as easy as opening a mobile camera and snapping a picture.

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Plenty of scanner apps are available, these apps cannot match the quality of a real scanner but they are pretty close and the quality of scans is certainly good enough. We put together a list of best document scanner apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Scanning Apps for Android / Scanning Apps iOS

Best Scanning Apps for Android and iOS

Best Scanning Apps for Android and iOS

CamScanner (Android/iOS):

CanScanner is one of the best apps for scanning documents with your phone. This free app comes with more than enough features and also supports various cloud storage services like Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive. It uses your phone’s camera to scan a document and can edit it as per your need. It works great for scanning receipts, notes, books and other documents. Some best features are, it comes with password protection, can add annotations and watermarks or can share your documents as JPEG or PDF files. To enjoy even more features opt for a premium subscription ($5 per month or $50 per year). You get 10GB of cloud space, access to the OCR (optical character recognition) features and many more.

Genius Scan (Android/iOS):

Genius Scan app can be used very easily, cross-platform document scanner makes snapping quick images or generating PDFs of receipts, notes and more in a single tap. This app automatically corrects the outlook and give tools to improve the final scan in black and white for better legibility and then convert the whole thing to PDF and store it in your library so that you can share or email it later. It also comes with some basic features like editing, auto cropping, archiving and also can create JPEG or PDF files with multiple pages. This app is also for free but to enjoy additional feature opt premium version (costs $3 per month or $30 per year).

TurboScan (Android/iOS):

TurboScan comes with best user interface and supports “SureScan3x” feature, which takes three consecutive scans of the same page for better and higher quality results. You can also directly email all the scanned documents to your account. It also supports page layouts, save in PNG, JPG or PDF and Cloud Print. TurboScan app is for free but the drawback is that it is limited to only 5 documents, so better opt for the paid version (costs $6).

Tiny Scanner (Android/iOS):

Tiny Scanner is an excellent portable scanner and saves all the scanned documents as either an image or a PDFs format. This app is perfect for both personal and business use and it’s for free. The best feature is that you can scan in colour, black and white and greyscale. Once you take the picture and set in 5 different levels of contrast and detect the edges automatically but you can make necessary changes before saving. It doesn’t work very well with colour photos and to enjoy additional feature such as access to unlimited documents soon on purchase the app for a one-time fee of $5.

Google Drive (Android/iOS):

We all know that Google Drive is the best and safest place to store all the files. Google Drive app also allows you to scan documents with ease. Most of the people are unaware of this feature. When you click on the add button in Drive, you will find an option to scan. With the help of the camera, it helps to scan documents, you can also invite others to check, edit or leave comments for your files. This app helps to scan several documents at once and save it in your Drive cloud storage and also perform OCR (optical character recognition) for documents you’re scanning.  The only drawback is that some features have not been added to the iOS version of Google Drive.

Office Lens: (Android/ iOS):

Office Lens app is a product of Microsoft which is available for free. It is a great choice for scanning documents. This app lets you scan documents, whiteboards, photos, business cards and set corrects angles and import them to your Microsoft account. The best advantage is that it converts images not just to PDF files, but also to Word and PowerPoint file format. It stores them in OneDrive or OneNote. Office Lens app is the simplest document scanning app which has one of the best document edge detections among all scanner apps and the interface is quite simple.


So, these are the scanning apps we have discovered through a lot of research. The best part is their amazing features offered to both Android and iOS devices. If you have any questions., please let us know and we will ping you as soon as possible.

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