Best Pedometer Apps For Android | Step Counter Android Apps

Best Pedometer Apps

These days, fitness is one of the major aspects everyone looks up to. Every now and then, we come across several health-related issues and try our best to control our eating habits and improve our work out sessions. While there are many fitness bands for tracking our steps and physical activities, there are also many apps available in the market to know about our step count. These are nothing but the Pedometer applications.

In this article, we have summed up the list of best Pedometer apps that are in the market. Take a look.

Best Pedometer Apps For Android | Step Counter Android Apps

Best Pedometer Apps For Android | Step Counter Android Apps

Best Pedometer Apps For Android | Step Counter Android Apps

Google Fit :

There are many best applications for tracking your activities. And one such app is Google’s Fit. This app is designed to track – cycling, running and walking. Another major aspect is that one can set up goals in the app like walking up to 10,000 steps per day. You can also monitor your activity on the web via Google’s Fit Portal. Interesting right? Try then.

Walk With Map My Walk :

This is yet another wonderful app that is developed to monitor your step count. With the stunning and incredible features, the app helps the user to track many activities. Interestingly, it supports nearly 600 activities. Another major advantage of the app is that it uploads data on its official portal and you can take a look at the activities. Great right!

Moves :

This is a free Pedometer app for Android that helps you to track the step count including – running, walking, cycling and other activities. The Moves is one of the top Pedometer apps in the market. It also offers a very clean user interface and is simple to use. It will stay in ON mode and you don’t have to struggle much every time to ON it. Also, it consumes your battery. Note it.

Accupedo :

Want to keep an eye on your physical activities? Then, this one is for you. The Accupedo Pedometer app for Android is one of the top apps that keep tracks of running, walking and other fitness activities. The important feature of the app is an intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm that counts the steps very accurately.

Fitbit :

The Fitbit is yet another free fitness app for Android. With the help of the GPS, the app keeps tracking – running, walking, hiking and other fitness activities. Here, one can also set the goals for weekly, daily and monthly. The Fitbit also tracks your heart rate and updates you about the calories you burn per day.

Runkeeper :

With an aim to improve your fitness activity, the developers came up with the Pedometer app – Runkeeper. The Step Counter app tracks your exercise activities – walking, running, cycling and other physical activities with the help of the GPS of your device. You can also know about the calorie count of your activity. One can also set fitness goals in the app.

Pacer Pedometer And Weight Loss Coach :

This is one of the great options to keep track of your physical activities on your phone. The Pacer Pedometer and weight loss coach will help you with the tracking, mapping and analytics. Also, one can share information about your fitness with your friends for some encouragement.

Noom Walk Pedometer :

The Noom walk pedometer helps a lot to track your fitness activities including – running, walking and cycling. In other words, the app is one of the good pedometer options for tracking physical activities. Also, it has got a social element where you can share the information about your fitness with your friends and family members.

Stepz :

Looking for the best pedometer app to track your steps? Then, we strongly suggest you the app – Stepz. One can also get information on the calories burned. For sure, the app helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try it now.

Runtastic Pedometer Step Count :

Packed with loads of stunning features, the Runtastic Pedometer step count will track the fitness activities including – walking, biking, running, cycling and other things. The app will definitely meet your needs and help you a lot to stay fit.

Conclusion :

So, this is how you can keep track of those additional calories and your overall health with your smartphones. Just pick a Pedometer app from the above list as per your choice and download it now for a healthy lifestyle. Happy steps to you. Also, let me know your doubts and opinions in the comment section below. Do share this article among your friends for bringing a healthy change in your loved one’s life.

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