Top 10 Best Paid Gaming Apps For Android Devices

Android Paid Gaming Apps: 

No one can resist themselves from spending their leisure hours on some good quality online games. Today, online games are playing a major role in engaging the people and they are binding them to screens and serve as the major source of entertainment. To offer you a better experience in the world of gaming, we have summed up a list of best-paid gaming apps for Android devices. These Android Paid Gaming Apps will help you to grab maximum pleasure and are worth every penny you spend.

Best Android Paid Gaming Apps:

Best Paid Gaming Apps For Android

Best Paid Gaming Apps For Android

Below is the list of the best Android paid Gaming Apps. Check out here :

Web Security Space Life :

This one of the best Android games and offers a thrilling and soul-satisfying experience to the players. It is an antivirus application, which means there are zero risks involved and is priced at $75 for a lifetime license. It offers several ways for the user to make the payment like Debit or credit cards, other online payment modes, etc.

Limbo :

The Limbo is one of the most paid gaming apps as the audience had found it to be that exciting and worthy. We say that the app is completely flawless and is one of the best-designed games of 2015. Also, the Limbo offers many adventurous experiences and it is a dream of every pro-gamer to have played a game like this. So, do give it a try and discover yourself.

Freemium Games : 

 It is no secret that Freemium games are very special in the world of gaming. If I have to add something in the most recommended list, then it would be this game. Many of them have sets of gems, gold or other stuff including in-game currency that the user can buy to unlock sections of the game. Note that this helps the Freemium Games to bag a top spot in the list of most expensive Android applications.

Asphalt 7 Heat :

We are sure that you would have encountered or heard about this popular game. It is one of the best games in the series of Asphalt and as the old games are already famous, it doesn’t require any special description. The game requires nearly 2 GB free storage space with a minimum of 1 GHz CPU. It offers good graphics and functionalities.

Super Cool Runner :

The Super Cool Runner enjoys a super good following in the market as it offers incredible features to the user. Also, it gives great gaming experience to the players. Though it offers simple graphical stuff, it manages to impress the people.  Note that it costs $200. Though it can be considered a bit expensive, it can totally get you to the other-worldly experience.

Monument Valley :

We are super sure that you would have heard about this game – Monument Valley as it is very popular in the gaming world. The Monument Valley is one of the best-paid gaming apps in the market. Many people fetch it because of its features and functions. Also, it comes with several stunning features and also engages the player with its content.

The Room :

It is the most popular paid gaming app and gives immense pleasure to the user. The added advantage of the game -The Room is its mystery and realistic graphical content. Based on the concept of complex mechanics, this game is designed well with tons of incredible functions.

Blek :

With its engaging content, the game – Blek is another most popular one in the market. It revolves around the stunning functions. All you need is just draw a line that connects all the coloured circles but then you have to avoid all the black ones. Though it sounds a bit childish, we are sure that you cannot put it down.

Temple Run: Oz :

In this, the user will have to play the character Oz and then try his / her best to outrun the shrieking baboons chasing you. Sounds interesting right? What are you waiting for? Get it now.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 :

Who doesn’t love Spidey? And the official game of the same is nothing less than any other one. The Amazing Spiderman 2 is an open world 3D game that helps the players to get great gaming experience. Also, the game introduces several new characters and engages the player.

Conclusion :

With an aim to offer you the best games in the market, we made a thorough research and prepared a list of these top 10 and best-paid games for you. Choose the best one that suits your interest and budget. Comment your reviews and mention your doubts so that we can get back to you soon.

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