Top 10 Best Clock Widgets For Android Devices

Clock Widgets For Android: We say every one would love to add and use multiple widgets to their home screens on smartphones as they serve in a fruitful manner. It is already known to many that widget never fails to impress the users. And when we talk about clock widgets, we are super sure that they play an instrumental role on the smartphones and also they are widely considered for their functions and incredible features.

In case, if there is no clock widget on your phone, don’t worry ! We will help you. We have listed the best clock widgets that come to your rescue when you need them. If you are looking for the best clock widget then you are on the correct page. We have summed the top 10 best clock widgets, their features, functions and specifications.

A clock widget is the integral part and maintains the order on the home screen of a device. The clock widgets also perform prominent functions on your device including email exchange, short cuts, climate check and other things. It is always good have a best clock widget on your phone.

Best Clock Widgets For Android Devices

Best Clock Widgets For Android Devices

Best Clock Widgets For Android Devices

We have summed the top clock widgets in this article. Take a look:

Clock Now :

This is one of the best clock widgets for Android. Also it is available for free. The Clock Now includes several and different clock widget styles to pick from. The user can customise background, colour, text, themes and other things. This clock widget comes with an easy download option and is clean cut design. Good to try !

Simple Digital Clock Widget :

The Simple Digital Clock Widget is one the most used ones in the market as it offers great features. It is totally free and is easy to use. You would love to hear that it is an ad free widget.

Chronus Clock Widget :

Many user of Android prefer the Chronus clock widget as it comes with stunning specifications and features. The widget shows the battery status, weather information, time and date. Also, the users can select their own theme or wallpaper. Note that one can easily customise it without much chaos.

DashClock Widget :

The DashClock widget is one of its kind and stands out from the rest with its great features. In other words, the widget enhances the look and feel of the smartphone. The widget notifies the user about the missed calls, text messages, unread emails, scheduled appointments and other things. Note that the interface of the DashClock is easy to understand and use the same.

Digital Clock Widget :

The Digital clock widget is yet another prominent widget in the market that serves the users to the fullest. It is a home screen digital time and date widget for the Android users. The widget also supports several languages and allows the user to select many colours for the time and date with RGB colour picker. The app is simple to use and comes with several options to the users in selecting background for the screen, hide or show AM – PM and several others.

Minimal Clock Widget :

The Minimal Clock Widget is a good one for Android users. It is a very easy one to use as it features a simple design. Minimal Clock Widget also comes with a good high-resolution widget option, optional 24 hr format, 2×2 widget (resizable), optional battery percentage, adjustable text and many more. It is one of the best clock widgets as it also provides the user to choose custom colors for clock face borer, hour text, minute text, clock face etc.

Simi Clock Widget :

The Simi Clock Widget is another best option for the Android users. It comes with best features and specifications. The user can always custom the font colour, background, text size, date mode and more. You have the option to pick more than one widget at once.

Amazing Clock Widget :

With its incredible features, the Amazing clock widget is a popular clock widget. It comes with 35 skins in High Definition with colourful visuals. It’s interface is an added advantage for the user. The Amazing clock widget is simple to use.

Digi Clock Widget :

This is a user friendly clock widget that is available in the market. The Digi clock widget comes a wide range of fonts. It features different colours for the time display, clock background and other options. The user can avail many other fascinating features. It is simple to use.

mClock :

The mClock manages to stand out from the rest of other clock widget with its stunning features. The mClock helps the user to avail different and extraordinary options. It offers different types of screens including layouts, fonts along with date and time.

Conclusion :

To enhance the look and feel of your Android device, just pick the perfect and best clock widget. All the above listed clock widgets offer distinct and stunning features for the device. Read and pick the perfect one that suits your requirement. Try now.

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