10 Best Chess Games For Android And Windows PC :

Best Chess Games For Android / Best Chess games Windows PC : 

These days, everyone engages themselves with prime sources of entertainments like – watching videos, listening to songs and the list never ends. With the evolution of technology, the sources of entertainment also evolved and gaming stands above the rest. Yes! Online gaming has evolved as the top priority for millions in the world. And also, there are several games out there for you to pick. But playing chess will always be favourite for many. Old souls will get what I am saying and few things are just timeless. Also, the best thing that comes with technology is that you get an opportunity to play with the utmost genius, the computer. So, we have come up with this article that lists out the 10 best chess games for Android and Windows PC’s.

10 Best Chess Games For Android And Windows PC

Best Chess Games For Android And Windows PC

Best Chess Games For Android And Windows PC

Check out the list of the top and 10 best chess games available for the players. Read on :

Chess Tactics Pro :

The Chess Tactics Pro is available for free and enjoys good following in the market. The interested can purchase additional aspects through in-app purchases. It is a bit different from the others and comes with several puzzles. The stunning features include – daily online puzzles, offline puzzle packs and many more. One can either play with the bot or switch to the multi-player option.

Chess Free 

The Chess Free is an important one in the sea of chess games as it impresses the players with its content. It is available for free and also comes with in-app advertisements. The user can also avail the tutor of chess and play well. Interesting and helpful, we say! The players can also pick nearly 7 – 8 varieties of the same. It is very simple and engages the player.

Chess – Play & Learn :

This is yet another most preferred application for playing the Chess. The Chess – Play 7 Learn is available for free and also comes with an interesting set of features and specifications. The main theme of the game is that it allows the user to learn and play the same. So, those noob players in chess need not think twice before playing and instead can develop their skills along with the entertainment. It offers several lessons, videos and tactics for the same. The Chess – Play & Learn also comes with interesting puzzles.

Chess Live :

With its simplicity, the Chess Live impresses the player and engages them a ton. It comes with a 2-player mode and the online gameplay option. Also, it offers a single player mode. Chess Live comes with no videos and lessons for the learning purpose. The game offers difficult versions for the same. It is free and offers in-app purchases.

DroidFish Chess :

The DroidFish Chess impresses the players with their prominent features. It comes with the EPD, FEN and PGN support. The DroidFish also enjoys the support for Gaviota table bases, Syzygy and other engine apps. It is available for free and comes with no in-app purchases or advertising.

Chess :

 Dr.Chess is one of the best and most used chess games for Android users and it drives the player with its engaging content. Dr.Chess is a well-known app for its graphic design. The players enjoy a ton as its interface is too impressive. It is completely free and offers no in-app purchases and advertisements

iChess :

The iChess is another much-preferred chess game in the market. It is widely preferred for the casual players and is very similar to the game – Chess Tactics Pro. The iChess also offers several puzzles of the same. It supports PGN puzzle files. The user can also choose the level of difficulties in the game. It is absolutely free for download. Note that the free version comes with ads and the pro version does not.

World Of Chess :

 Like the name suggests, the World of Chess engages the player with its unique content and gives a great experience of gaming. Note that the interface is too good so that the player can have a great time. The World of Chess is completely free and offers no in-app purchases and advertisements.  The most used app offers a multiplayer game mode and the sound effects are damn good.


The King Of Chess :

Available on the Play Store, the King of Chess is yet another best chess game for gaming lovers. The user interface is too good and the players can experience great gaming. Note that the King of Chess does not offer lessons or strategies for learning the game. It is totally free to avail and also comes with in-app advertisements and on in-app purchases.

Chess And Mate :

Note that this is one of the best and also expensive chess games. It is widely used for the newbies and helps the user a lot in the process of learning.  We are sure that the users can learn a lot and experience good gaming techniques. It offers no in-app purchases and no in-app advertisements.


These are the best chess games you can avail for free on the Android. Choose the best which suits your interest. Also, don’t forget to comment your doubts regarding the topic.

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