Top 10 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android Devices

Battery Saving apps For Android: Battery life of a mobile is considered one of the most looked-for specifications while picking up the piece and also everyone always worries about saving the batteries of their mobile devices. So, we have come up with an article on introducing the best battery saving applications for Android devices.

Top 10 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android Devices

battery saving apps for android

battery saving apps for android

DU Battery Saver:

This is most preferred one as it boosts the battery life of the smartphone up to 50 per cent. Also, the pro version of the same, increases the battery life up to 70 per cent.  Here are the features. Check out:

  1. Increases the battery life by offering healthy charging.
  2. It finds and solves the issue with the help of its ‘Optimize’ button.
  3. It offers the pre-set battery power management more for saving more battery.
  4. The user can also change the CPU Frequency (for rooted devices).

Avast Battery Saver:

This is a free app and is developed by the makers of antivirus software – Avast Free Antivirus. Read on the features of the app below.

  1. Provides the accurate estimate of remaining battery life.
  2. The app detects the apps that are consuming more power and also deactivates them.
  3. The above feature is listed under App Consumption.
  4. It offers the battery optimized smart profiles which are based on battery level, time and location.

Go Battery Saver And Power Widget:

It is one of the best battery saving applications for android and comes with power testing, power saving mode, smart saving and others. Below is the list of features:

  1. It offers healthy battery charging.
  2. Widget is available for better performance.
  3. Provides accurate battery backup estimation.
  4. Also, it offers one click battery power optimization.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver):

This is a free app and increases the battery backup up to 50 per cent. Cheetah Mobile, known for Battery Doctor and Clean Master, developed it. Read the features:

  1. It offers the brightness control availability.
  2. The app comes with CPU Management (for rooted mobiles).
  3. The task killer helps you to kill the task in just a click.
  4. Estimate backup time of battery while browsing, gaming and others.
  5. Provides healthy charging by 3 stage charging system.


It is most used one and is developed for rooted android devices. Check out the list of the features of Greenify below.

  1. It is for free.
  2. The app is lightweight considering in terms of CPU and RAM usage.
  3. Hibernates the apps if you are not using them for better performance.
  4. Stops the apps that are draining your battery.

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