Top 10 Best App-Lock Security Applications For Android Devices [2018]

Best App lock For Android :

All thanks to the evolution of technology as it led to the progress of quality lifestyle with the help of smartphones. For sure, one can say that the development and advancement of the applications for smartphones emerged as the major solutions for many troubles. And so it is important to protect your Android applications as your smartphone is a very personal gadget and holds most of the crucial information of our lives. For the same, the technology offers you several other apps to serve this purpose. There are many app lockers provided in the Play store by various developers that can resolve all your security issues within a few minutes. The best part arrives when they are easy and flexible to use and alter the settings.

In case, if you are looking for such apps, then worry not. This article will help you out. Here we have summed up the Best App lock For Android devices. Just give a quick read to discover plenty of them with all necessary instructions alongside.

Top 10 Best App-Lock Security Applications For Android Devices [2018]

Best App-Lock Security Applications For Android

Best App-Lock Security Applications For Android

We say, picking up the best app lock application for your android device is definitely a big task and while doing so, the user has to be very careful. Consider whether the application is providing the necessary features and benefits you desire and if yes, then install them without a second thought. Below is the list of best app lock android applications. Check out here:

AppLock :

Note that the AppLock is one of the most preferred app locker application for the android. This application enjoys more than 100 million downloads. With this app, you can lock applications and it is totally safe. One can also lock android toggles including – WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and others. Also, you can block incoming calls. For sure, the app offers several interesting features and it works amazingly. Above all, it is absolutely free.

Perfect AppLock :

The Perfect AppLock is another best application to protect your applications, private data and settings. This app helps you to choose from gesture, pattern or pin. Also, it boasts a stunning feature called Watchdog. This helps to click the picture of the intruder after three unsuccessful attempts to unlock the applications.

Norton App Lock :

In case, if you don’t know, the Norton is a popular anti-virus company. Also, the app lock is available on the Play Store to protect your data. It is ad-free and can lock your apps and private data. You can lock the apps by picking up a pin or pattern. We say this is one of the best apps for locking applications.

LOCKit :

LOCKit is another best application to protect your apps and data. It is free from ads and is flawless. Here, you can choose pin, pattern or fingerprint option to lock your apps. Also, this offers different themes. Note that it takes a picture of the intruder and sends to your registered e-mail address. Interesting, right ?!

Smart AppLock

This is the best app lock application to protect apps and data. You can lock your photos, settings, toggles and others. The Smart AppLock is free to download and comes with many interesting features. But note that it is supported by advertising. It also offers fingerprint scanner capabilities, delayed app locking, auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts and others.

Vault :

Here comes another stunning app lock application and it is Vault. This helps you to protect your apps and data very safely. Note that the Vault also locks your SMS, photos, videos, contacts, call logs and other such data. The Vault’s premium version is too expensive but it is too good when comes to features. You can try this one for sure.

Hex App Lock :

We say that the Hex app lock is one of the best and most preferred applications. The app lets you lock the apps through fingerprint, pattern or pin. Note that the app lets you automatically enable a profile based on the WiFi network your device is connected to. It comes with non-intrusive ads and also you can remove them through an in-app purchase. It is free to download.

Keepsafe App Lock :

This is another best app lock application as it comes with good Material Design UI. With the help of pin, pattern and fingerprint options, you can protect your data and apps. It is available in a free version but it features ads. You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads in the app. It is free to download.

Privacy Knight App Lock :

For sure, the Privacy Knight App Lock is one of the best app lock applications for Android devices. You can lock your information with the help of options – pin, pattern or face unlock. It comes with a feature, Secret Door. This helps you to change the icon to disguise this app. Also, the app catches the intruders before we acknowledge. This can be considered as the safest feature of this application.

Finger Security :

The Finger Security is the best app lock for the android devices and as it is the oldest app in the list, it introduced the fingerprint app lock feature. Also, it catches the intruders easily and offers a good bunch of themes for the background. Also, it comes with the features of pin and password options. So that any third party finds it extremely difficult to crack and enter your private applications without your permission.

Conclusion :

We respect your struggles in safeguarding your personal data and avoiding all necessary threats from losing it. Also, the third parties entering your social world isn’t so convenient. So, in order to protect your private information, you will need the best app lock application. Above are the best app lock applications for android devices, which we figured out after good research. Hope you understood the data we provided and we will be always available for queries. Do comment below to solve all your doubts regarding this topic as we will get back to you in a short time.

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