Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android to Block Advertisements & Pop-Ups

Best Ad Blocker For Android: 

Today, advertisements are everywhere including televisions, newspapers, hoardings and the internet is no exception. The internet emerged as one of the greatest platforms for the ads. But it is getting too touch and creating a need to opt for an Ad Blocker.

But we agree that too many of them irritate you and your work as several pop-ups appear. In order to curb these ads, you have to download the ad blocker android apps.

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android to Block Advertisements & Pop-Ups

best ad blocker for android

best ad blocker for android

We are here to help you out picking good ad blocker Apps for Android mobiles with best features.

List of Best Ad Blocker For Android:

Here is the list of best and top ad blockers for Android. Check out :

AdBlock Plus :

This AdBlock Plus for Android helps to filter all the advertisements. As it comes with an installation guide, it will be very useful for the user. Read the features here :

  • It is a free ad blocker app for Android devices
  • It enhances the user’s browsing experience
  • The app comes with distinct functionality for rooted and non-rooted devices of Android

Free Adblocker Browser:

This is another android ad blocker that works better on your Android devices. Its specifications are too good as it comes with inbuilt adblocker to block ads on all websites you visit. Read the features here:

  • This app provides secured and ad-free browsing
  • Blocks background ads.
  • It blocks ads before the download
  • Also, blocks fake virus warnings and malware’s

TrustGo Ad Detector:

TrustGo Ad Detector helps the user to block ads and comes with all the latest features and specifications. Check out the features here :

  • The app provides security
  • Blocks all ads which are threats to your devices
  • It is free to download
  • Blocks ads on applications too
  • Saves battery and data

AppBrain Ad Detector :

Most of the people use this app and widely prefers due to its functionalities. It allows you to know about which app has access to your account and personal info. Read the features here :

  • It can detect nearly 70 different aspects of apps installed on your device
  • It blocks apps on apps also
  • Saves data power as well
  • Also, blocks notification ads
  • The app also protects privacy by blocking Malware and irritating ads

Adblock Browser For Android:

The Adblock browser is the most popular ad blocker and is available on Google Store. This helps the user to download movies and browse various websites without getting advertisements. Check out its features here :

  • First of all, it is available for free
  • Another the app secures the device from malware
  • In addition, it helps the pages to load faster
  • Most of all, it provides acceptable Ad options
  • Finally, the app also saves battery and data

AdGurd :

The AdGurd helps the user to block all unwanted and annoying ads on your pages. So many people across the world use it due to its features and specifications. The features are as follows:

  • Firstly, it offers a clean and trouble-free browsing experience
  • In addition, the app saves battery and data
  • And it can also kill ads in mobile games.
  • Mainly, it increases and enhances the speed of web page
  • Finally, the app comes with a firewall, malware protection, and phishing

AdAway :

The ad blocker AdAway is the much-used application to get rid of annoying ads while you are working. In addition, the app enhances the speed and provides a hassle free working environment. Check out the features :

  • Firstly, the app kills pop-ups, banners, and advertisements
  • And also it is free to download through F-Droid but you will need rooted access
  • In addition, it saves battery and data too
  • The app also enhances the speed
  • Finally, it offers a simple and impressive interface for the user

Conclusion :

Millions of people in the world use all the above-mentioned Android ad blockers. And for their enhanced capabilities of blocking annoying ads and providing good browsing experience. Just pick the perfect Android ad blocker from the above list and make use of it. Comment to ask other necessary details regarding this topic and let us know your views.

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