Apps Like Paytm: Top 5 Mobile Wallet Apps for Payments & Recharge

Apps Like Paytm : We say, this is the cashless era and one can actually do a lot of things without actually using the cash. Yes, you heard it right. The movement of demonetisation is something that enabled several people, in fact millions of people, to make use of this technology. In other words, it is not a herculean task to know but a very simple method. It is just a – Mobile Wallet apps.

Now, wondering what exactly a mobile wallet is ? Well, worry not, we are here to help you out. A Mobile Wallet is an application that enables you to pay the bills, recharge your mobile phones, book a cab, buy groceries and many other stuff. Interesting right ? So, what are you waiting for ? Get a mobile wallet and be a part of cashless movement.

In case, if you are wondering what kind of wallet to choose from a sea of branded mobile wallets apps in the market, then we will help you out. This article is all about the best apps that are similar to Paytm or you can also call the best alternatives of Paytm. Read on.

Apps Like Paytm

Best Apps Like Paytm

Best Apps Like Paytm

We summed the list of best alternatives for Paytm, which enjoys immense following across the nation with its incredible services to the people. Today, the Paytm is used everywhere for various transactions including paying bills, purchasing vegetables, groceries, recharging the mobile phones, booking a cab, transferring amount from one account to another and what not. Everything is just a click away.

Read the best alternatives of Paytm in the below mentioned list of similar apps. Check out here.

Mobile Wallet Apps like Paytm

FreeCharge :

The App FreeCharge is yet another wonder mobile wallet application for the online transactions. We say it is the best alternative and also top ranked app like Paytm. Acquired by Snapdeal in April 2015, the FreeCharge is widely used for several functions across the nation.

The apps allows the user to recharge the mobile phones including Prepaid and Postpaid, pay electricity bills and other payments including DTH and data card. Adding another feather in its already overflowing cap, the FreeCharge recently added metro card recharging as a new one on its platform.

The user can use mobile wallet apps with the help of net banking, credit cards and debit cards. Also the can operate the same with the help of an app or else from the web browser.

Note that the FreeCharge also launched its own digital wallet for the purpose of transactions. It is heard that the platform enjoys the user base of more than 5 million users across the country.  Above all, it is efficient and also simple to use. Another prominent thing is that the FreeCharge offers super good security and protections to its users.

Oxigen Wallet :

The Oxigen Wallet is another important application or a platform that is ranked best just like the Paytm and is also approve by RBI. Also, one can say that it is the best alternative for Paytm. With its features and functions, the Oxigen Wallet emerged as one of the best wallet app in the market. Note that the Oxigen Wallet claims that it is India’s first non-bank wallet to have tied with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) for the instant money transfer services.

With this Oxigen Wallet, one can easily top up the money and can use the same for various transactions including recharging the mobile phones’ data recharge, DTH and other things. Also, the users can pay their bills like – mobile payments, electricity bills, landline bills to name a few.

Just like the Paytm, you can send and receive money from another person’s Oxigen Wallet or else directly to a bank account. Super cool !

Another interesting feature is that the app allows the users to earn reward points for using the Oxigen wallet and then enables the users to shop at websites that are partners to the same. With this medium, one can transfer up to Rs 5000 a day and Rs 10000 a month.

MobiKwiK :

With its incredible services, the MobiKwik emerged as the best alternative for Paytm and is widely used across the country. The MobiKwik enjoys a user base of 25 million users and it boasts nearly 4 lakh transactions every day through its platform.

The users can top up the money with the help of debit cards, credit cards and net banking. The users can also make use of the app for the same to send money for clients, friends or family members. We say, all with the help of a mobile number or an email ID. Also, there is no such additional charge for such remittances.

Another wonderful feature of the MobiKwik is that it offers a door step cash collection. Yes, it does ! This service helps the people, who do not have access to the bank account or credit cards. Currently, the service is available in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon.

The platform can be used to recharge the mobile phones, pay bills and other stuff. Also, several acclaimed firms including – Domino’s Pizza, eBay, Book My Show, Make My Trip and others make use of the same.

Just remember that one can add maximum of Rs 10000 to a wallet in a month.

Chillr :

The Chillr is a mobile wallet application that made a unique identity in the Indian market with its services and incredible features. The Chillr allows the user to send money in just seconds to any person in your phone book, that too, without having to know their account number, IFSC code, OTP and other related stuff. Yes, it is possible with Chillr.

Using the app, only the customers of HDFC Bank and Bank of Baroda can make of the services to send money and other bank customers can receive the money. And note that the account has to be enabled through mobile banking or net banking or by making a request for an MMID and also generating an MPIN.

The app allows the user to paying bills, paying utilities including DTH, data card recharge, mobile recharge and many other things. Using a QR code given by the merchant or user, the Chillr can also be used to pay or request money. With this, after scanning, an invoice will be generated on your phone and this has to be confirmed and authorised using the MPIN.

All we say, is that if you are a customer of HDFC bank, then sign up for the Chillr and make your transactions easily without fuss. Try it now !

Jio Money Wallet :

The Jio Money Wallet is a very common term when we discuss about the mobile wallet app in the market. This is another mobile wallet that helps the user to pay anywhere and everywhere in a cashless method or process.

It is simple to use and can be used for several digital transactions within seconds. It is smart platform and also enjoys good user base. Many prefer the Jio Money Wallet for wide range of uses, especially transactions including – DTH recharges, mobile phone recharges, pay insurance bills. Also they can send or receive money from other accounts and also many other features. Also, the transactions are done at a breakneck speed without delays with the help 4G internet service. All we say, is that Jio Money Wallet is a safe and also secured method of making digital payments.

With Jio Money Wallet on your device, you can make payments in the Reliance firms like – Reliance Retail, Reliance Fresh, Reliance retail business, Reliance Jewels and Digital Express. The using of the same is super simple and easy. Another important aspect is that it is a secured service and offers super good protection to the users. Give it a try.

Conclusion :

Just adopt the mobile wallets and forget cash. Make digital payments and help build our country to grow to incredible heights. Note that the cashless era is upon us. Also, when we think on the global basis, the mobile wallets are enabling economies to transition to a cashless society, which is actually too good to any country to spread its wings.

And when you can do almost any transaction with the help of the mobile wallets, why step back ? All the above mentioned branded mobile wallets are the best in the market and also can be trusted. So just go cashless and also spread the word

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